Smashing Sunday – October 19, 2014

Challenge Twenty: Something Orange

I sincerely dislike the colour orange. As a result, this challenge has plagued me for months. I simply do not much of anything that is orange in colour and I had issue with going and buying something that was orange in colour, just to satisfy the challenge. Admittedly, if I’d checked the actual wording of the challenge again, I would have seen I’d been misinterpreting it. In no way does “something orange” indicate that it has to be something that *I* own. Though it does seem rather silly if it’s not something I have a personal connection with…And I’m off track here.

Oct 19_01 (2)

When I finally got back into the blogging focus in the last few weeks, I knew I was going to have to figure out this challenge quickly. So I combed my apartment and what I’ve got are this:

Two stuffed Penguin feet and a stuffed Cat I’ve had my entire life, named Meeka after a cat my cousins had growing up. She didn’t look a thing like the stuffed marmalade they gave me as a present one year, but I loved it so much that to Child!Chloe, it was a logical name choice. She sits atop one of two book cases with a random assortment of other stuffies and statues, helping keep watch over me.

Pingu and Pinga, if you’ve never heard of them, are bother and sister, and star in a stop-animation claymation program that was a British-Swiss joint production. They used to show it on TVO where I watched it as a kid. It can also now be found on Netflix, both USA and Canada, like all awesome things.
They were given to me at least six years ago by Merc and Colin, and have held a place of honour amongst my fuzzy friends ever since.

I was going to include one of Meret’s catnip toys, an orange carrot – but I have no idea where she’s hiddden the thing. So instead, I declare:

Challenge complete!

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