Smashing Sunday – December 8, 2013

Challenge Fourteen: Favourite Fairy Tale

Have you heard the one that goes “…And they all lived happily ever after”?

Yeah, me too. Too bad it doesn’t work like that in reality, eh?

This week’s challenge was pretty simple, pick my favourite fairy tale.
Dec 8_01

For those not sure:
1. Mulan (not technically a “fairy tale” but Shhhhh)
2. Tangled/Rapunzel
3. The 12 Dancing Princesses – specifically, the version done by Shelly Duval in her Fairy Tale Theatre series. Some of those stories were told in a very, VERY dark fashion – I wouldn’t watch some of them as a kid, they scared the bejeebus out of me.
4. How to Train Your Dragon (also not Technically a fairy tale, but I dare you to say that to Neith – I mean Toothless)

Dec 8_5I love the idea of fairy tales, because I want to believe in the romance of ‘destiny’ and that someday “my prince will come” – but I think I’m too realistic. I suspect either that prince doesn’t exist, or…well, this really says it all:

I’ve accepted that I’ll never be able to settle this duality in my mind and just deal with the fact that I want to believe in one thing, yet can’t because it’s just not truth. Makes me sad for a moment, then I shrug, smile to myself and go watch Pride and Prejudice. Besides, I’ve never waited on someone else in my life – and I have no intentions of starting now. If they can’t keep up, not someone who I want to try and slow down for.