Sleep, I am forever in your debt.

I am a night owl.
I really have always been so, mostly thanks to my mother (genes), but also because I learned very early on that a) I could read, uninterrupted for HOURS by the light of my flashlight under the covers, which then turned into b) working uninterrupted for hours, because everyone ELSE is asleep, and therefore not changing or asking questions.

This worked fantastically when Eric and I first started dating and I still lived in Toronto, because I’d be up until 2:30 am my time (working on insert project here) and he’d be up until roughly the same “time”. It wasn’t until I started spending large amounts of time out here (prior to my move) that I suspected something was going to quickly go awry – MY timezone was the thing keeping us on the same sleep schedule. Being out of school AND out of work has messed it up even more, I routinely go to bed around 4:30-5 am, and am up sometime between noon and 2pm. Granted, I’m not setting an alarm or anything, I’m just letting myself wake up whenever.

Add to that my inability to sleep with any kind of noise other than classical music in the background, (re: NOT sounds of snoring, cats fighting or heaven forbid, climbing all over me) and you might get the idea that I *don’t* sleep much. You’d be entirely correct.

Most of the time, I manage. And don’t get me wrong, when I work or am in school, I can (and do) change my sleep schedule accordingly – but the bottom line is, of the sleep that I get, whenever it is that I get it, I’m not getting GOOD sleep.

How do I know this? Well, some of it comes from the fact that I know when I wake up (snoring, being punched in the nose, cats scratching, you know, the usual) and some of it comes from the data that I get from my fitbit, as seen here:

What you should take away from that is: I’m not sleeping well and I wake up alot.
Fantastic, eh?

I was poking around the fitbit website today, and came across their application gallery. Now, I use MyFitnessPal in conjunction with the fitbit, and I’m probably going to transition to using a combination of fitbit and nikefuel in the future (the ties to Live are just too tempting – hint hint hubby o’mine), but what caught my eye today was the “Sleep Debt” application. It asks you for your target time asleep, and when your alarm is set for (which I fudged, since I don’t set one normally), and then calculates what time you should be going to bed.
Pretty simple, right?

It then takes it a step further, and, using the data from your fitbit if you log your sleep (as I do, see above :P), is how much of a DEFICIT of sleep you currently have, based on the data.

I was advised thusly:

Now, I’m PRETTY sure they don’t mean to get all of that at one time – but when you’re being told to sleep more than there are hours in a single day…um…I guess I need more sleep…

Afternoon nap anyone?