Say What!?

Ok, so no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Since returning from Seattle, I worked seven days straight, cutting my seventh day short as I came down with the flu bug that was being passed around our store, spent my day off sick in bed, too sore and tired to move – from One batch of puking might I add…gives you an idea of just how SHITTY I felt.

And promptly went back into another seven day stretch of work. Which I am currently on…day…Five of. I think. *Counts* Yup, that’s right. No – wait, Day Four. Heh.

So here’s the update.

A bit belated but:


Ed joins Freyja as the Sixth Bravo Co-Overlord since Bravo’s creation back in late April.
(Yes I counted. Yes, I’ve been there since the beginning.)

Ed, I know you will do us ALL proud, you have taken the division SO far already, even before you joined the concoction of staff, and you’ve proven yourself once again by stepping up to this new task – even if your box did have an unfortunate introduction to lightning the very next night!

You r0x0r my <3 girly.

So, I got a very nice tax return this year – at least in comparison to what it was last year 😉 – So I decided to reward myself a little today, and finally went and picked up a copy of the Original Canadian Cast recording of The Phantom Of The Opera

I actually saw that particular cast the first year I went to see it – yes, I was four at the time. (In total, during it’s…eleven year tenure at the Pantages Theatre, I saw the production a total of five times I think. Possibly six, slightly fuzzy on the early amount, I don’t have the ticket stubs anymore…)

What bugs me is that it’s only highlights from the performance, not the full libretto. And this cost 30 canadian. I can get the FULL London recording, which includes ALL the music (but a different version of Think Of Me, which I can not STAND) for the same amount. What is UP with that!?
Wouldn’t trade it for anything though, Colm Wilkinson’s voice STILL gives me shivers – even through speakers…
I saw him perform Jean Valjean three times, when Les Mis passed through Toronto as I grew up – NO ONE can sing that role like he can…
(On a side, note, Les Mis is coming back to toronto again! Squeeeee!!!! I don’t care WHAT I have to do to get tickets to THAT – I Am Going.)

So most of you know – at least thoes who have been around the page for a while, that my store won the district competition for the PSP’s, resulting in six members of my then store all being awarded free psp’s.
Well, my current store seems to be just as blessed (or maybe it’s just me?) as we’ve gone on to win four free Micros’.
WtF do *I* need a Micro for!?
However, this MAY have saved the ps2 from being traded/sold so that I can afford the 360 – we’ll see how the trade in value goes…I want a SP damnit…be nice if THOES dropped in price…

And finally….

Say What?!
So a few days ago, I get a msg from Mike and then another, a few hours later, from thelastnight03, both congratulating me on being an All-Star.

A what?!

So I fire off a msg to thelastnight03, asking him what the hell he means, and he tells me to go look at the main page.


Well then.

I was in just a wee bit of shock (still kinda am). Still no clue how the heck I got there, but it’s darn cool me thinks!
On a side note, I finally made the first page of ‘most viewed, one of two Canadian’s to be on there right now, and both of us female…hmm…;) But still, cool!

Anyway, that’s my story for now, Update Complete!