Insulated beer cans, what will they think of next?

Also, WHY is there a skull on top of the flag? There isn’t a flag of any sort on top, or anywhere on the oddball…

Which leads me to another…WHY is it called oddball? It’s very Clearly a skull we’re using…even if the game type is taken from another game where it IS an actual bomb..why not just change the damn name to reflect the type?! Oddskull…or Skullz? Or SOMETHING…and what’s so odd about it? The fact that it’s a skull? If that’s so odd (even though we ALL have one…) then why not change it to a ball!

Also, and now I can’t remember if they’re like this in matchmaking, but on Coag at least in custom games, if you have the banners with the snake and eagle…why isn’t that continued through out the game? Why the bland little flag for multi and whatnot? I mean, yeah, the symbol on it Does have meaning…but still. Consistancy people….

And now I’m done.
For now.