Professional Responsbility

So, I worked last night, stayed up fairly late talking to e on the phone, and headed to bed, comfortable in the fact that I was going to sleep in laaaaaate, enjoy a nice, leasurly morning in bed…and only answer the phone for emergencies.

Stupid emergencies.

I have my phone set so that people from the store/the store itself is all on one ring tone, my family is on another, and random friends/others are on other numbers as well. So I know to sleep through everything but work, unless I’m just napping.

Stupid habit.

Got a phone call at 5 to 10 this morning. My manager calling to ask me if I have our assistant manager’s number. As soon as my brain figured out what he wanted – about a five second delay at that point – I gave him the numbers I had, which was his cell number and his girlfriend’s families house, which is where they lived up until about a month ago. No answer at either place. Messages left at both places. So he calls back, and asks if I mind going in. Sure! Why not.

Stupid me. No wait, Not stupid me. *I*’m the only smart one to even bother to KEEP the damn phone numbers in my phone…

So I go in. We’re an hour and a half late opening up by the point. Two hours from the Official time you’re supposed to be there, which is a half hour before opening. I grab Chris’s (asst mgr) new number off the board, dial it, leave another msg, and go call Cat (manager) and tell him what I’ve done. Give him the new number, and go try and get in touch with our other parttimer, to tell him he might lose His shift, if Chris decides to get in touch with us at some point in the day and decide he doesn’t want to completly lose his hours, and take the close shift. (Never mind the fact that that’s Exactly what he SHOULD have happen to him.)

Stupid manager – why am *I* being handed this responsibility?

First, I can’t get in touch with the parttimer – the phone number he’s got there is apparently ‘no longer in service’…Oh really…
And then I get the phonecall.
Chris decides that as there are now msgs from me, Cat, AND the Roger’s store on his phones, that he might want to call and find out what’s going on.
So I explain to him that HE was supposed to have opened this morning, and because he didn’t, the store was not opened until after 11:15.

And he goes on to tell me, “And Neither of you called me to Tell me this?! Really professional guys…”

I bit my tounge so hard, I thought it had started to bleed.

Excuse me. I would JUST like to say that IF the roles were REVERSED, *I* would NEVER hear the end of it. Had I EVER said something like that to him, I would have been LECTURED from here to kingdom come about taking responsibility for myself and being professional.




And then, to top it all off. As I was leaving today, he said:
“Oh Chloe! Thank you Soo Much for coming in…” As if I’d done him this HUUUUUGE favour for opening for him.

As IF I’d do a favour for him period. I’m done bending over backwards for this damn store, and esp him. I care about my store, I put in insane amounts of overtime that Aren’t logged, making sure things are organized, and I don’t get paid for any of it. Between this and Bravo, I don’t have a life – and that is Mostly my choice.

But when I get handed THAT kind of a comment?

Seriously wishing for h2 right now.
I need to blow someone’s brains out.
Or something.

I need chocolate now.