I swear, if the 11/5 hour shifts don’t kill me, the 2+ hours of commute will…esp when you add in the fact that I’m getting home normally JUST in time for clan practice, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get away from that before 1 am….And then to catch a game or two with which ever Spartans are online….Crazyness…

And somewhere in there I sleep. Right? Yeah.
That’s what I thought.

So once again, the xbox division has been slightly reorganized. About a week ago, the Twins debuted D3LTA, the sixth halo 2 division. So now we have, A1pha, Bravo, Charlie, D3lta, jr pms and Ipms. And that’s just halo. That doesn’t even begin to cover other games or other consoles. PMS is truely amazing.

During the reorganization, I somehow managed to retain my staff position, which I’m still a little surprised over. Proud that I can be considered such a valuable member of this division, but still surprised.

Off of the remixing, a lot of girls have been moving in and out of the division, which has been hell on my poor little member listing…I take my information off of Bungie, but the problem is, if I don’t stay up on it, people will change three or four times, (don’t even get me Started on name changes…) and as soon as they leave, their orginal date is lost…HELL for trying to track who’s finished their 1 month trial and who hasn’t….

My router has been going insane….I don’t know What the problem is…all of a sudden I’m running into Serious lag in games that I should be fine in…having issues connecting with people I’ve *NEVER* had a problem with before…it sucks. Borrowed Tarkin’s brain about it, went through the connection thingy, updaded my firmware, and it still isn’t getting better. Fuck if I know why. Seriously annoying. Worse are the games where Everyone BUT me is lagging and I can’t do shyt effectively.

My playing level is just sucking ass at the moment. I can barely break even, and breaking 12 – 15 kills per game? ForGET it. I have no idea what to do to make it better except play play play – and my work schedule just doesn’t like That idea at the moment. I’m seriously thinking about taking a bit of a break from playing so much period. Catching up on that thing called sleep…..

I hear it’s good for you…

*Goes wandering back to the forums*