Phew, crisis adverted…

So, I came about this || close to having to seriously think about not going down to pax yesterday morning.

See, I was talking to danger, and she’s now seriously considering coming down…I hope she got my message about her being able to stay at Seatowns….thanks sweetie, you’ve been TOTALLY awsome about letting us invade you…(although what guy Really should complain about having four very attractive females stay with him for the weekend…really…;D)

Anyway, so we were talking about flights and I nearly had a heartattack. Apparently, when I was booking, either the net or I fucked up, and instead of flying out at 9 pm, i was booked on a flight that left at 10:30 that morning! Oh. My. God.

So I called. To change to the later flight, after the 100 change charge fee thingy, i’d Still have to pay the difference for the flight!!

It came to 462.99!!
Considering I payed 598 orginally, there was no way in HELL I was going to be able to pay that. Yes, I could have swallowed it, and had to pay my half of the deposit for the apartment next week, when I get paid again, but thankfully, my manager is AMAZING.

He’s taken my shift on thurs, so I’m getting a hit in hours this week, which is the only sucky thing.. Esp since I’m not getting holiday pay. Again, sucky, but I’ll deal.

Come oN Danger…you know you waaaannaaa!