Once more with Feeling…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything, but I had my reasons. Bravo has once again, undergone a massive change in leadership – hopefully, this will once again stay for some months.

Radical and Soccer had a personal emergency back in Decemeber, which required them to move back to Texas, from Colorado. They had no idea how long it would be before they got constant and consistant access, so Radical resigned as Overlord.

This left us without a leader, and we continued this way for almost two months, waiting for Athena to make her final decision. A little frustrating, but we all got to see who really had the division in their hearts, believe you me.

The final breakdown in leadership is as follows:

~ PMS PsycoSKitty

~ PMS Radical Ed
~ PMS Lorelei

~ Ra1na
~ PMS Em
~ SoccerGirl PMS

Edit: Soccer decided! She’s returned as a staff member, and has taken up some of her practices again.

We’re still working out the finer points of how we’re going to be running, but the main things that we’ve been working on was putting together a recruits’ document, so that they know upon arrival in the division exactly what they are expected to do – which has never been formally written out. There’s so much we tell these girls, it isn’t any wonder that they feel like they’ve entered another world…
We’re also working on a proper handbook, specifically for Bravo. Primarily, it’s being adapted from the actual PMS handbook, which is also still underconstruction, but even editing it is taking a lot longer than I had at first thought it would. I don’t think I’ll make the Feb 1st deadline we were aiming for, but I’ve gotten a good start on it, well, at least I think so.

We’re also aiming to define not only what the members are and do, but also what staff and what the leaders do. Not only so that if a leaders has to step away, another can know what she’s supposed to do, but also so that the members might better understand our responsibilites. Which, unfortunatly, seem to take more and more time away from playing…lol.

Ah well.

I have to run a pick up a temp headset, as I’m at my mom’s and I forgot mine at the apt. Then, I have to do a power cleanup, before my mom comes home – in only three hours! Eeep!

Chowz all!