K, so, the slightly bad idea of not doing laundry for weeeeeelll over a week is that you Do eventually run out of clothes. And you know, it wasn’t actually even that I didn’t Want to do laundry, I haven’t been around to do it! And the two days I was here earlier this week, I was so freakin’ exhausted first from the trip and errands, and then work the next day.

This week has turned into a nightmare.
Monday was the only day off I’ve had, and I was running around getting money/cheques sorted out.
Tuesday I worked all day at Duffrin eb.
Wenesday I was up at the Yonge & Eglington eb for 10+ hours.
Today, I opened at the Yonge & Eglington eb, then went over to the York Mills store (MY new store) to get all the transfer stuff worked out on that end…and ended up agreeing to open (AAARGH!!! First time by myself!!! AAAAAh!!!!) tomorrow and sat. Which would be ok, except that both Friday And Saturday, I’m already working…so that means…
Friday, I open at York Mills, get outta there at 5, get on the bus, and get down to Duffrin for the closing shift.
Saturday, I get to open again, leave there at 3:30, get on the bus, and close at duffrin again. Oh and then, we’re all going out after work on sat night, which is gonna be an unintended goodbye party, since it’s my last night at Duffrin.
And finally, sunday I get to work again. 2 – 10. Phew.

I’m just hoping I actually get some sleep sometime…oh, and actually Get some laundry done before I have to get back on the subway tonight.
Not to mention, I need to find out if my mom’ll drive me up there, otherwise, I have to drop a bag of shit off at duffrin before going up, because there is no way in HELL i’m dragging it all up there tonight…hurry up washer!!!

So sleepy…

*Curls up in her beanbag to nap*