Ok, I’ve been told in no uncertain terms to update this…

So here goes!

Ya’ll have to excuse my utter lack of attnention to xbl and halo2 this week. The end of my first real week at York Mills has passed with the shift tonight…43.somethingorother hours from one store. Plus six hours at the other store. Including wednesday when I battled food poisoning all morning. Oh it’s be toooooons of fun.

I also need to stop doing double shifts. I’m talking about the days I have to work at two stores. I don’t enjoy opening, working for 5-7 hours, getting on the bus for an hour and then working for another 3-5 hours respectivly.

On the upside, I’m getting a surprize day off tomorrow. See, unfortunatly, we’re still stuck in the ‘oh, I didn’t know this was here!’ phase, so we’re not exactly making enough money to actually have as many payroll hours as we need to not go insane by having to work the 10 hours shifts. So the next few weeks *I* hope will improve the sales to some degree…

On the flip side, some excitment and a bit of a scare this week. Catalin, my manager (Cattus on here) and his wife had their first baby this week!! Riley has joined us in the world, and nearly gave us a bit of a scare. Born a month early at 5 pnds, 13 ounces, he had a bit of trouble breathing for the first little bit, so much so that they had to put tubes in and then there was another issue that was discovered that might have been really serious except for watchful doctors…so everything is going much better now. This little guy’s gonna be a fighter, i can tell.

Also got to meet Chris’s gf today, they were by for the grand opening, and she’s gorgeous. Really nice too. Can totally see why Chris is head over heels for her đŸ˜‰

Anyway, that’s pretty much all there is to say at the moment. Life is progressing as per norm I guess…

Mwah to Seatown for always making me feel loved even when I’m totally Sucking!