My social butterfly wings must be broken…

Or at least damanged in some way.

I’m good with planning, and ensuring events get carried out, and just generally participating – when I play hookey from the divisional or basic clan work.

I think one of the double edged aspect of a good ‘social butterfly’ is that I move easily through and around multiple groups of large people, some which overlap, some which don’t, but I rarely find myself uncomfortable around people I don’t know, etc. But it does mean that why I know, know of and I’d like to think known by a large number of people, I don’t then have many good or really close friends, because my eye is on the bigger picture most of the time. Which, admitedly, can blind me to things happening right under my nose at times – not always so easily fixed….

The last couple of weeks I’ve been incredably lonely. I’m probably playing with my girls more than ever, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. My mom and I are getting together a few nights a week, normally when I’m working the late late shift, so I don’t have to go home on the bus that late. She’ll drive across the city to pick me up, and we’ll go sit in Tim Horton’s and talk for a while. Sometimes, I’m helping to explain her phone or whatever…poor woman just is Not tech savvy…I got all the genes in that area…

But again, this is not contact with people my age, who share my interests…which, primarily, is video games. I am well aware that all of us pms’ers are considerably more serious about how we game, what the game means to us, and what the clan as a whole means. While my dad thinks I’m just waisting time, I’m thankful that both my mom and eric understand why these girls are so important to me. Only child, growing up in a school where I should have been able to find that sisterhood, but was alienated because I refused to believe in ‘lemming’ behaviour…PMS is definatly the first time I’ve found girls who are as competitive, and who care as much as I do.

I got a chance to go to a lan yesterday with some of the Toronto people who I’m working with to plan RVBTO this aug, and I ended up not only taking my 360, which I was getting back from one of them, but also taking my xbox, my router (how the heck can you plan a lan without a router?!) – which pissed off Laura -my roommate- cuz she got back from Guelph to find no internet…(oops…thought she got back on Monday night….) and a bunch of extra wires and whatnot..all together, probably totalling close to 30 pounds that I was carting around on the bus system. Never gave it a second thought, but someone remarked to me today that it seemed a little ‘hardcore’…

I guess I just need to either start forcing people to play, or to advertise to random strangers…I like lanning, I like the atmosphere of the party, and I like the competition.

Anyone in Toronto got a decent sized place to host one?

PS: CONGRATS GIB!!!! We knew, even if you didn’t…:D