I swear to the gods, this transfer….

…is probably going to be the death of me.

The actual logisitics of me being transfered from one store to another is probably the Easiest of the entire friggin’ mess. As it probably is in every job. I’m not getting a raise at this point, which I didn’t expect, so there isn’t even that much paperwork (that I’m aware of at least) that’ll even need to be filled out…

No, the stresses come from having to figure out the logistics of the living situation. See, this new store is literally across the city from where I currently live. And considering the store is open from 10 am until 12 midnight, that means I’m either up at the crack of dawn on the friggin’ subway, and I’m not sure I’d even be able to make it…or I’d be trying to get on the subway at midnight. Neither of which are options I’m willing to even try and attempt. So this means there’s Got to be a move in the very near future. For the forseable future, it means moving to my dad’s apartment, which I’m Sure will go over well…

My father, to put it simply, does not like having me around for extended periods of time. Why? Because he is simply not conditioned to be able to deal with anyone but himself on a day to day basis. I don’t mean this unkindly, but he simply does not a good father make. He doesn’t understand what it means to have responsibility for someone else’s well being because they can’t do it for themselves, but I degress.

I’ve told him that I have no problem paying him the %age of rent he thinks is fair, although, should I find a roommate, I’d bloody well inform him he can go stick it up his ass if he was demanding it while I was trying to save up for an apartment…again, I degress.

The other new issue that becomes apparent, is the sheer amount of hours I’m going to be working. Do Not Get Me Wrong. This Is the entire reason why I’m transfering. But the store is open 10 am until midnight, every day of the week, sundays as well…as a matter of fact, Sunday is my very first day and I’m working 3:30(pm) until midnight…whooboy, this is gonna be fun. Closing by myself at that….

I think what’s even more stressing to me is that because of this whole move and transfer, I don’t know what my regular schedule is gonna be like, and I’m already having to be away from my xbox (although I’ll probably be bringing that with me starting next week…) but I have No idea how much this is gonna be cutting into playing time…and I’m kinda getting stressed about the new ‘rules and regs’ the girls are putting in…I get the whole working up to be a member, and I Totally understand that if you don’t, you should be bumped down to Charlie…but they are doing this RIGHT as I’m totally stressing, and having no way to be on my box half the time…I work every single day until sunday – although thank god I get part of thurs off as I’m in the recording studio in the afternoon – and it’s all at the other stores…who knows what it’s gonna be like starting next week…ugh, this anticipation is gonna drive me NUTS!!!

Oh well, I’ll get through it right S? Just keep telling me that, maybe I’ll relax eventually…oh wait, like you said earlier, that’s just not me…(-_-)