Horses Really need to learn to stay put…

So, as I work through KAMEO for the THIRD time…I’m struck by this. Any time I have a horse in a game, I always end up fighting it, or looking for it.

In Oblivion, it might attack you if you hit it, it will run away if it’s being attacked (although it’s supposed to go ‘home’…), it can die (yay horse armour…;D) and you can kill it…(watch out for thoes cliffs Maj, that first step is a doozy…)…

In Kameo, the horse doesn’t move. Unless a troll gets on it. I saw this happen the first time through the game…the troll actually rode off and I couldn’t find it, so I just started walking – happened across on of the troll mounts a dinosaur T-rex looking thing, and used that for a while…went into a village and came back to a horse.

This time I ended up fighting to get my horse back. Stupid troll. My horse, given to me by the physical embodiment of my father’s ghost…I think…. Does anyone ELSE still feel confuzzled on that particular subject?

Oh and V3nus….what’s your score again?