Happy Canada Day, Eh?

There ya’ll, the one word I HATE saying…but I figure I’m allowed to be as Canadian as I want today…on that note, what is Up with Google not having a canada day image?! IT”S A CANADIAN WEBSITE!! It recognizes EVERYHING from xmas, to new years to Da Vinci’s Birthday, but not CANADA DAY?! What’s UP with that!?

And GRRRRRRRRR To bell sympatico last night. FIRST I can’t get online for SIX Hours. THEN, right in the MIDDLE of me writting a text message and talking to everyone, it cuts out again, FOR NO REASON!!! Seriously not impressed!!!


And GR to having to work a holiday. Ah well, I think I get July 4th off instead, which’ll Probably work out a little better anyway…considering How many of the people I live stateside. Anyway, wish a canadian a happy day everyone! Or else we’ll send hungry moose and beavers after ya’ll!