Grumble Mumble Blargh…

So, this is what it looks like when the Universe is out to ensure you’re caught in a ClusterFuck of Abysmal….

So, awesome day at MotoCross with MxGimp and HeartbreakR….

And then e had the misfortune of getting me started on a rant, and that did not go well, because it happened to be on a subject that touches on about…five different sore points with me right now, and it just got me in a bad headspace.
So he drops me off, and I settle in for a nice long night of bloodythirsty killing on h2…

And then my 360 freezes mid-game. Just totally locks solid.
Ok, get up, turn it off and reboot.
Yeah, that would be a bricked box……

Ok, so after a few minutes of wildly cursing under my breath and mentally throwing things, because we have people sleeping out in the living room, I reach for my wii controllers to put in sometime with Zelda….
Oh but wait, night of the halo 2 all-nighter, I took my wii sensor bar over to e’s, because the animals had chewed through his, and his son had a friend over, and they wanted to play….Crap.

Ok, no problem, I have a Ds, and I’m happily make my way through Hotel Dusk….
And shit, that got left in e’s car, along with my mp3 player when he dropped me off…..

Ok, Cartoon Network until Voltron it is….
Except, “Adult Swim” on saturdays is NOT the same as it is during the week. No Shin Chan, No Inuyasah, just seriously random anime that I never got into watching…and then when voltron came on, of COURSE it was wildly out of order….we’ve been watching episodes somewhere in the second season….this was from the first six episodes, before the original blue pilot got hurt and Princess Allura replaced him.

I went to bed at this point.

So e Very nicly decides he’s going to lend me a console, and I’m taking bets on how long it is before I destroy this one as well…but the problems of course, don’t stop there.

It wouldn’t recognize the wireless. It could see the network, but it didn’t actually think it WAS a network. Or who knows what the hell it though, at any rate, it was rediculasly annoying, and I ended up having to drag everything out to the living room, hooking up wired to the router, and having the wirless connect on me as I was connecting the cables, and decideing to just throw something instead.