Foodening Friday – October 25, 2013

I lost most of this week to a fog of cold, coughing and nasty fluid that I won’t describe in a blog that’s supposed to be about food. I also nearly missed my deadline due to the aforementioned.

I’ve had an uncountable number of cups of tea this week as I’ve tried to keep my fluid intake up.
Thankfully, I’d stocked up on David’s Tea “Organic Cold 911” just a few weeks ago – although I didn’t think I’d have cause to use it quite so quickly. This is a lovely organic (of course) tea, with peppermint, juniper berries, orange peel and eucalyptus and orange oils. The peppermint and juniper berries were the only thing I could occasionally smell in the early part of the week – it was super comforting.

Speaking of David’s Tea: I’m utterly addicted. Their selection of loose leaf teas is FANTASTIC, and the staff (at least at the Gastown location, though I cannot imagine its different anywhere else) is incredibly knowledgeable about all their products – and when you see the literal wall of loose leaf teas, you understand how amazing that is.

I picked up a new travel mug from them recently, a version of this but in metallic purple (duh!) not black. I was looking for one I could put tea in, then put into my bag and not worry it was going to spill everywhere, no matter if I was walking or biking. The water seal on the top of the lid is removable, and pulls double duty – not only does it prevent leaks, it also can be used to store a second serving of tea, just dump it into the strainer part, or directly into the tea canister itself, and add water! (One of the employee’s tipped me off to that, it’s fantastic!)

Not my traditional FF post, but I spent most of the week buried under blankets or coughing, so there was no cooking done, other than dumping soup out of a can and into a pot. And that’s not cooking so much as reheating. Oh well, c’est la vie!

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