First the Funny, then the Frustrating…

I meant to mention, the day I took out my axe, and went through my fl, I had 269 views to this page. Like, wtf?! Now, I suspect that a number of thoes were Tarkin, cuz I know he was bored and was wandering through some of the girls’ pages, but still….Damn!

Ok, that was the nice part.

So I’m at work the other day, and I get a phone call from Rogers about a cellular account that HAS TO BE PAID. Now, I should explain here, my mother and I share an account. That is, both our phones are on one bill. SO I assumed they were calling about them, and managed to confuse not Only myself, but also the woman calling until she said there was only One number on the bill, a 647 number. Well waaaaait a minute.

THe ONLY 647 number MY name is still attached to, Apparently, is my ex’s number, which we activated using MY visa number. (Can ya’ll see where I’m taking this?)

Now, NO, I do not and never have, paid for this phone. Like *I’d* be able to on top of Mine!? No friggin’ way… ANYWAY, so he’s apparently NOT paid the bill in over two months, they’ve now DISCONNECTED it due to lack of payment, and if he doesn’t at least pay the past due by aug 29th, they are going to start going to a collection agency AGAINST ME!!! I don’t FUCKING THINK SO.

I’ve been TRYING to call him for TWO DAYS now. Called him at work REPEATEDLY yesterday, and each time he was ‘with a customer’. If he DOESN”T fucking talk to me, I WILL go through my old assistant manager there, and he WILL be informed that if he doesn’t pay by the past due by that date, I’m taking legal action against him. I’m sure my mom’s lawyer would LOVE some more money from us…


Three days I’ve now known about this and I’m STILL LIVID.

Girls, don’t EVER bend over backwards for your boyfriends. They just end up fucking you over. And T and e, don’t even say it. I know Exactly what you’re thinking. Just Don’t.