“Finally, we got somewhere.”

In 2010, I created a D&D character known as E’kai Komataree, a 4th Edition Dragonborn Paladin-then Warlord-then Hybrid Warlord/Paladin for a homebrew campaign.
What follows is E’kai’s personal journal which was originally started as a recap of the previous play session (we were only playing once a month), but then transitioned into a way for me to expand her character.

Our group of adventurers find a gate to another world and artifacts that bring forth memories of past lives…Destinies that have yet to be fulfilled.

Rising in what we assumed was the next morning (Our third day down here. I hope we begin to move more quickly, else I will grow old before I have made a name for myself!), I fashioned Splug a harness out of the belt we found yesterday, for him to ride in and be kept out of the way in battle. We cannot keep healing him every time he decides to die. Once he had been ‘purified’ by the wizard (I wasn’t going to touch him after his night of…passionate reading…without some kind of a bath), he was permitted to climb on. Splug eagerly added details to his map, specifically information about a one Sir Keegan’s tomb, in thanks for our not allowing Splug to stay dead. Sir Keegan’s name was familiar to myself, Corrina, E’ee and Eldaar, having been mentioned to us by Lord Padrig when we were first asked to resolve matters in the Kobold’s lair and beyond.

Forcing open the door to this Sir Keegan’s final resting place (although I had my suspicions regarding exactly how much rest he was getting considering the state of the rest of the place), I suspected we were in for a most annoying fight. Following more sedately after a headlong charging Immeral, we found ourselves surrounded by more of the same skeletons who had tried to hug my face off the night prior – seriously, what is with this place?
Overactive pile of dog bones.

In hindsight, I should have simply allowed Immeral to charge off and be overcome by the skeletons. Would certainly have saved us all a fair amount of frustration and effort. But I digress – once we’d made sure all of the skeleton attackers were once again unmoving, we proceeded further into the antechamber and discovered two identical altars, bearing the inscription:
“The Platinum Dragon is my Rock, my Fortress and my Deliverer. He is my Stronghold, my Refuge and my Armor against the Foes of Life. I need only kneel and offer him my praise.”

E’ee knelt down to inspect the inscriptions and as he reached out a hand to trace the lettering with a finger, they simultaneously shattered into pieces. Poking amidst the rubble, Corrina and Eldaar unearthed six figurines of Bahamut, 3 silver and 3 platinum – all emitting a soft glow. I wrapped them gently, reverently, into a soft strip of cloth and placed them into Eldaar’s quiver for closer inspection later.

~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Uncertain of what we would find within Sir Keegan’s tomb itself, we pushed the door open slowly and peered in. It appeared to be an room, empty except for a stone sarcophagus on a raised dais on the far side of the room.Immeral, pushed his way through the door and being as impetuous as usual, climbed up the steps of the dais and reached for the sarcophagus’ lid. (How has he not gotten himself killed by now? How have *I* not killed him by now??)
As he touched it, it disappeared in an explosion of dust, swirling into the shape of what we took to be a spectral representation of Sir Keegan. Spectral or not, when he spoke, his words resonated through the very marrow of my bones. He drew his sword and dropped back into a fighter’s stance:

“The Rift must never be opened. State your intentions or die!”

Corrina instinctively opened her mouth with a snarky reply and Sir Keegan roared in anger and stepped towards us, raising his sword. Only the timely use of my incredible diplomatic skills prevented what would probably result in a massacre on the spot. E’ee helped a little too.

Holding one hand out in supplication, I quickly pulled out the parchment fragment we had found two days previous, the one written by Wrinkle’s daughter. “My lord, not only has the Rift begun to open, but we six have stepped through it and seen the devastation wrought on the other side…” I went on to explain that in addition to traveling through the Rift, we had also discovered artifacts which seem keyed to us individually, and pointing to each of my companions in turn, I named the item they had brought back with them.

Sir Keegan’s specter appeared troubled by the information. He said nothing for several long moment, gazing expectantly at each of my companions, as if waiting for them to prompt him with the correct question.

Both Immeral and Callista attempted questions of their own, but received no response, ultimately contributing nothing more than hot air. Corrina, being smart for a change, did her best to melt into the shadows, so as not to draw Sir Keegan’s attention or ire again. I took the lead again when his attention returned to me, pressing further his knowledge on how we could possibly close the Rift. He answered me with action, producing from seemingly nowhere a very solid scroll. I accepted it from him, and as I pulled the scroll from his hands, Sir Keegan began to disintegrate, his final words echoing in our minds long after he had faded away.

“The dimensions’ have shifted in their orbits, the Rift will open again…”

We unrolled the scroll and discovered a map unlike any other we’d seen before. On it were circles that overlapped with others circles, while others stood alone with nothing apparently nearby. Our own world of Terris was included, overlapping two other circles though I recognize not their names. I also located Carcasia, halfway across the map of whatever. The remaining names unknown to me and a quick glance at the others assured me of their ignorance – all except E’ee. Again, the Wizard appears to know more than he is willing to volunteer. I will have to question him on this.

I believe I need to have another conversation with Wrinkle. I will seek his council when we return to Winterhaven.