Foodening Friday – December 6, 2013

I think – *think* – I might be getting back on track for this blogging schedule. Just in time for it to possibly be thrown entirely out of whack again – for all the right reasons. We’ll see what the future holds.

I waffled on which of two recipes I was going to attempt today, and ultimately picked this one because I forgot to get cream cheese while I was at the store tonight and the only cc I have at home currently is chocolate cream cheese – which I doubt would go that well with a tomato/spinach based dish. Next time!

I was initially unsure about the recipe. It’s got tomatoes and peanut butter in the base recipe – but I understand it now.

African Peanut Veggie Stew


First off, I wouldn’t really classify this recipe as a stew. Too runny, and the original blogger herself says that it can be eaten almost as a soup, which gives you a good idea of the consistency without any added quinoa or anything else. If you do serve it over quinoa, which is one her her suggestions, and how I ate it, be aware that it will thicken it considerably and is quite filling – in a very good way of course.

I cut out the spice entirely – yup, I’m a wimp, but I like being able to feel my tongue/mouth when I’m done eating. It’s just the way I am. It does need something to break up the taste texture, but the additional nuttiness from the quinoa I had it with made it very tasty. I also used 1/3 cup of almond butter instead of tahini – which I’ve had and found to be “eh” about. That along with the 2/3 cups of regular chunky peanut butter
and the nutty flavour is very pleasing when you bite into it.

Simmer down!
Simmer down!
I would in the future likely add chicken to it, and eat it with less quinoa, or whatever else I might serve this over – it does have brown rice in the sauce already, so I’ll probably experiment with the leftovers (I have a LOT, as usual), and see what combinations go well. The original blogger also made several suggestions of additional veggies to eat it with, so I may snag a few of those and experiment.

One thing, do yourself a favour and set aside some significant prep time to chop those tomatoes – I didn’t even bother putting the onions, peppers and garlic up to medium, I just left it on low heat the entire time I was cutting and coring tomatoes, and it was all wonderfully softened and fragrant smelling by the time I was 3/4ths of the way through the tomatoes – and these were fairly small ones. And it could do with another onion in there. Because I love onion. Mmmmm, onion…

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