Foodening Friday – December 27, 2013

Continuing my ‘nearly late’ posts from this week…I swear, my body is so completely screwed up, I THINK I’ve been living on PST time while in EST, but I’m not entirely sure at this point. I’m really looking forward to getting home tomorrow (though not the time I have to be at the airport because of my mom’s flight) and passing out. Or maybe I’ll be lucky and actually pass out during my entire flight home. Unlikely, but I can hope.

So on to today’s recipe.

My mom doesn’t cook. At all. In fact, she’s lived in her apartment for over a year (which she designed herself, with some help) that has some pretty nice gadgets kicking around – and they’ve never been used. This included the stove and oven. Yeah. Just don’t ask.

So I cooked most of the time I was home for dinner. Just basics, like the shrimp scampi recipe I posted a few weeks ago. For Christmas dinner, I decided to go with some salmon – but NOT prepared as suggested by my mother, in the microwave. (Um…just no.)

To Pinterest I went!
And surprisingly, I actually miffed this one. For a surprisingly simple recipe, the salmon definitely was not cooked all the way through after the suggested time. I let it go for another 10 minutes, and then the edges of the large filet we’d gotten started to get a little dryer, so I pulled it out. Definitely was closer to raw then I was happy with when I cut the filet in half.

I think it may have been a combination of an oven I’d never used (I actually had to pull out the instructions which were tapped to the top rack before I turned the darn thing on!), which was then set too low for the suggested cooking time. The butter did melt and create a delectable sauce that was tasty, once I stuck it BACK in the oven for a third time. I should probably have also cut the original filet in half, even though that’s not how the recipe is originally pictured, to solve the exact problem of uneven cooking throughout.

I’ll try it again at some point I guess. It irks me when I can’t get a recipe to work the first time.

Also, I HATE trying to descale salmon. Seriously. I don’t understand why they even really sell salmon with the skin ON. Pain in the ass, my hands freeze doing it under the cold water, and I NEVER manage to get them all. I’m going to have to appeal to Kelly or Jackie at some point, and ask them how THEY manage to deal with the stupid scales, because I just do not get it.

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