Foodening Friday – December 13, 2013

I decided to pull out another family recipe for today’s choice – also because they were a favourite of my dad and I’m going to be sending some to Florida for him for Christmas.

Toffee Cornflake Crunch!

Very simple recipe, IF you can find the main ingredient:

Mackintosh's toffee
Mackintosh’s toffee

I had to head to an actual candy store to find it in the (UK) import section. When I was a kid (I think I last made these when I was 12 or something like that), the bars were readily available in the grocery store. Either that’s different on the west coast, or they just aren’t available normally anymore:

– 3 Machintosh’s Toffee candy bars
– 3 tablespoons butter
– 3 tablespoons condensed milk
– 3 cups cornflakes

Bubble bubble, Toil and...stir?
Bubble bubble,
Toil and…stir?
1. Melt the toffee, butter and condensed milk over LOW heat in a medium to large pot, CONSTANTLY stirring so that the ingredients combine and don’t stick to the pot or burn.

2. Once the mixture is well blended and bubbling (like in the picture there!), add the cornflakes. Gently fold the cornflakes into the mixture, so that the cornflakes get covered but not crushed.

3. As soon as the cornflakes are completely covered, spoon them out onto a cookie sheet with wax paper to let them cool. Once they’re cool, the toffee will have hardened slightly, and they’ll come off the wax paper with no trouble.

Toffee Cornflake Crunch!
Toffee Cornflake Crunch!
4. Then eat! I of course had to try one, for blogging purposes. They are a nice, light crunch and not overly sweet – and since they’re only lightly coated, not too much toffee gets stuck in your teeth.


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