Foodening Friday – November 22, 2013

Nov 22_1

I unintentionally took a week off from blogging – and I technically missed my post deadline tonight, but I was busy making the recipie for this post, then writting it up after taste-testing and I want to get back to the schedule. So better late then not writing at all 🙂

Since winter has definitely shown up in British Coloumbia (where’s my SNOW!!), my body has started to demand warm and healthy food with which to hibernate with. So I went digging for a tasty chicken recipe that didn’t include any white wine, and came up with this one:

Chicken with Balsamic and Tomatoes

This prep was super easy, and I left it to cook for it’s four hours while I went off to Ballet class.

Ok, that’s not entirely true. Prepping was easy – except for chopping the dried rosemary. See all the rosemary scattered on the cutting board in the picture above? Yeah, that started as a nice, neat little pile. And then I tried to chop it. And it exploded. Everywhere. Yeeeeeah…
I kinda gave up on chopping it at that point.
Ready to cook!
I also might have misread the recipe and put a full teaspoon of basil in, instead of oregano. Which is fine because I actually like the taste of dried basil over oregano. And I had less then a full teaspoon of oregano left. I didn’t notice anything missing when I chowed down.

When I got back (super hungry – I *may* have overlooked eating in my haste to finish before class), I quickly chopped the char, threw it in to the crockpot and turned it back on to let the char cook/wilt while I boiled water for some egg noodles to eat with it.

YummmmmSuper yum. The chicken was pretty tender, which I was concerned about since the recipe doesn’t call for any added broth or water, so all it’s got is the tomatoes and their juices and the balasamic vinegar. I also used half the suggested amount of chicken breasts since I was just making it for myself (with plenty of leftovers!), so if you’re going to make it with the full pound of chicken, I’d probably double everything else.

I realized today that I have missed cooking recently. When I started at ATA, I was out of the house for over 12 hours everyday with the shift length and comute, that I was lucky to come home and have enough energy to warm something up and pack breakfast/lunch for the next day, only to repeat the cycle the next day. And while I *should* have been cooking more for Kym and the kids (because I wanted to, not for other reasons :P) I got lazy – sorry Kym! I actually really like cooking for others, I should have taken full advantage of it when I had the chance

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