Foodening Friday – October 4, 2013

I was walking home yesterday, dreading having to quickly sort through recipes and find something to make to post about 0 entierly forgetting that I had prepped a recipe on Sunday night, which I’ve been taking every day for lunch this week.

You’ll have to forgive my momentary slowness, it’s been a rough transition back into the working world, though one I was extremely happy to have done.

This week:

SALADS…in a mason jar!
(I totally just said that in a big booming voice, did you hear me?)

When I first saw someone post about prepping salads – including the dressing up to four (according to the pinner) days in advance, I didn’t think that they’d be right. Clearly, shows what I know.

The salad does actually stay fresh for 4 days. Hell, tomorrow will make five for the last jar, and I’m not exactly worried that when I open it tomorrow, everything will have rotted/wilted overnight.

A couple of things to note, if you are going make these yourself:

– Glass jars are heavyish. This doesn’t seem like it will/should matter much, but if you’re like me, with a 20min walk, then an hour+ on transit for just one way of your commute (feel free to do the math for the roundtrip, I’m too tired to do it myself right now), carrying that jar, as well as other food and all the other things you need to amuse yourself on a long commute…the weight does add up. If you are driving and taking your lunch, this is much less of a factor. I miss having a car!

– Be aware of how much dressing you’re adding to the bottom of the jar. I thought I’d added a fairly small amount, but you can see in the “finished” picture at the bottom that things “sunk” into the dressing (Duh, right? Yeah, didn’t occur to me at first that it was going to happen), and I was worried they were going to come out soggy. Didn’t get soggy, but there is quite a bit of dressing that is left at the bottom of my bowl/plate/jar if I don’t bother to dump it all out. To be fair, I think the idea originally was that you just shake up the jar, and thus, your salad gets coated and you can just eat it straight from there. I did that on Monday, but I’ve brought additional things to put into the salad other days, so I bowl’d it today, so I could add the chopped beets with minimal spillage. (Gotta finish up the last of the ‘roasted beets’ from last week – Nothing gets wasted!)

Oct 4_1These salads were EXTREMELY easy to make, and were the answer to the question of “what the heck do I have in the house that goes into a salad?” What ended up going in, bottom up:
– Olive Oil
– White Wine Vinegar
– Cucumbers
– Red and Orange Cherry Tomatoes
– Quinoa
– Corn Nibblets
– Spinach

I literally opened the fridge, and pulled out whatever veggies hadn’t spoiled, and tossed them in. Turned out fairly healthy in the end, I was surprised.

One last thing. I prepped four identical salads, not even thinking of the fact that I would be taking one with me every day (on Wednesdays, the studio caters lunch for everyone so I don’t bother to take anything) – and having the same EXACT salad every day for a week gets a little boring. I think I’ll try making them again, but will plan better so that I can mix things up a little and have the same flavour profile for 4 days in a week. Oct 4_2

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