Foodening Friday – October 11, 2013

Almost missed writing this one. Work schedule’s got me all tied up in knots, trying to get into a rhythm again, and while I remembered I had to write this when I woke up today, I blanked on it until I was in the shower after Ballet and went “Oh #*$#!!!.”

Oct 11_1

Here’s to not breaking my streak… *fingers crossed*

Last Sunday was a day of crockpotting. Which is so not a word, but it is a thing.
I would make something, clean it out, and get the next recipe going almost immediately, because I was prepping food for basically the entire week.

I repeated the shredded chicken recipe I’d tried before, and the chicken turned out just as great. I feel bad, because for the most part, it’s been sitting in the fridge all week, with very little used (though I’ll end up eating some of it tomorrow for lunch), because I cheated a few times this week and didn’t take meals with me. Need to watch how frequently I’m doing that, since I’m working downtown and THAT will get expensive quickly. Even though I used 4 chicken breasts, they were “fast fry” (aka very thin), so I didn’t get nearly as much shredded meat in the long run.

I did use some of the chicken right away, to test this Salsa Roll Up recipe, and I made two for lunch the next day, they were surprisingly filling, and held up over night without the tortilla getting soggy, which surprised me a little. The originally pinned recipe doesn’t include chicken, but I wanted at least a LITTLE protein in an otherwise carb only meal/snack. (I also took the last of the salads I had made the previous week – STILL FRESH, if you can believe it! Those mason jars are AMAZING!!)

I then tried this “Creamy Crock-Pot Chicken and Broccoli” recipe.
I have to say, although I’ve been eating it all week, I am not entirely impressed with this one. I find the sauce to be VERY runny and not incredibly creamy at all. Now, I honestly haven’t tried it with rice, I’m normally eating it over quinoa, egg noodles or fusili pasta, which could have something to do wtih it – the sauce isn’t being absorbed by anything, yadda yadda… But honestly, I think this one is just a miss. Again, I used the thinner “fast fry” chicken breasts, so there also isn’t as much meat as there is sauce, which could also have impacted it over all. It’s tasty, just runny.

The third crockpot attempt was Overnight Apple Oatmeal, and the one I was least sure was going to be successful. The reviews which accompanied this recipe were completely hit or miss on whether or not people who tried it were successful or not.
Just before adding the water.
I did follow one commenter’s suggestion, and mixed all the dry ingredients before I added the apples and water, because otherwise I figured they were just going to be in the same layers that I had added them to the crockpot – and that didn’t seem very appetizing. The recipe also doesn’t specify what TYPE of apples to use, which I find rather odd because different apples will break down differently. I used very sweet “galas” for my go-round, and they are VERY soft in the final product. I was surprised, it wasn’t an overly sweet dish in the long run, and it is very filling like most oatmeals. I’ve been filling half a mason jar every morning, and just tossing it in my bag on my way. I can JUST get get my larger bento box and one of those jars in at the bottom of my lunch bag, so everything is kept upright while I’m walking to the bus.

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