Foodening Friday – January 31, 2014

It is good to be cooking again!

With my very own slow cooker, thanks to a wonderful house warming gift from the lovely and amazing Tic, who has told me that not only does every house need one, but that I must have one to be able to continue to feed her (figuratively) through finding fantastic Pinterest recipes, but I suspect also (literally) feed her should she ever to come visit!

Of course, I was very picky about what recipe I used to break my fantastic Hamilton Slow Cooker

The winner was this:
Jan 31_2

This recipe has been on my ‘to-do’ list for ages, but as I very rarely use/eat beef now, I’d put off several times. With this week’s grey and dreary weather, I thought it was a perfect time to try it out, meat and all. Except I couldn’t find *any* shell pasta, aside from the super large ones. And that wouldn’t quite work. So I went with gluten-free elbows.

Jan 31_1 (Like the iPad on the stove?)

Everything went along together just perfectly, minus some “OMG I’m going to chop a finger off with this dollar store knife (while cutting onions) – NEED TO FIX BEFORE NEXT TIME!!” moments. Thankfully I’d thought far enough ahead while I was actually AT Safeway to grab a can opener – the tomatos/paste would have been a serious challenge otherwise.

Bubbling away!Now. HAD I been SUPER smart, I would have done my math (HAHAHAH!!!) and realized that taking the ‘low and slow’ option was not going to work out for me putting it on at 9:30ish at night, and waking up at 8am the next morning, just as it finished (no matter how bad at math you are, that is not 7 hours). But I wasn’t, and I didn’t. And so I was awoken at 4:15am on Wed morning by a rather loud beep, informing me that a VERY delicious smelling soup/stew was all but done. 30 more mins and some extra water with the pasta added and into containers it went, lids cracked to cool in the fridge. I didn’t really want to put hot food directly in there, but I suspected that if I left the very tasty smelling things on the counter, a very nosy cat would encourage either herself to eat them, or to land them on the floor. I couldn’t let it go to waste like that!

2014-01-29 04.50.38Now, I’m not sure if it was because the noodles are gluten free, but in a large percentage, they broke down pretty badly. I’m a fan of pretty soft noodles, but I don’t really enjoy eating ‘mush’ – and that’s close to how some of them have turned out. The whole thing (especially with a little melted cheese on top!) tastes pretty darn close to a meat lasagna, so I cannot say anything bad about that – I will DEFINITELY make this again, and try to find better noodles to use next time, to see if that makes a difference. So far, it’s extremely yummy and filling (though I make no claims as to how ‘healthy’ it is).

The one other thing I may have derped on was forgetting that I had no way of ‘serving’ this soup into the containers – I don’t currently own a ladle (that’s on the list for my next ‘housewares’ buying trip, but wasn’t in my budget for this month!), so I ended up scooping it out with a mug. I wish I’d thought to get a picture of that, but hey, it was 4am…

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  • You are totally brave putting your iPad on the stove, first thing I saw! 🙂

    Definitely every house needs a slow cooker. I have a couple, what with there being so many of us. I do chickens, roasts, soups, spaghetti squash and oatmeal in mine… super easy and all the clean up is done by the time it’s time to eat.