Foodening Friday – January 3, 2014

Writing this blog series has been interesting over the last four months. I was *never* a dedicated journal writer, and even for work, I occasionally missed blogs due to a lack of prep time, other priorities, or just not having a decent topic to write about – and I *refuse* to write fluff pieces.

Of the three topics, I feel like the food blogs sometimes suffer the most from the intrusion of life. Because they require me to actually cook and usually, I prefer to cook from scratch, it just doesn’t always come together within the week. Especially right now, when I’m bouncing between two locations that have a five hour (at the best of times) commute between them. Count down to the move is on however!

But back to the food. This week, it was about how to make my life easy. I’ve worked from “home” three of the five days (one stat holiday and one half-day in the office made up the rest) and been in transit or transition (aka, trying to sort out apartment stuff – THANK YOU JENN AND TAMMY!!!) and knew I wasn’t going to be up for a lot of cooking. So when I went out earlier this week to pull out my 1st months rent (!!), I stopped at the local meat and seafood market and picked up some fantastic lemon garlic shrimp skewers (3 for $5, with 5-6 shimrp per skewer!) and a little pre-made Greek rice mixture. Add some salad on the side and boom, perfect dinner with left overs.

When I realized it was way-past-lunch o’clock today, I tossed the rest of the rice and shrimp into the microwave to heat it up, then dumped both of them over a mixture of spinach and grape tomatoes that had been sprinkled with olive oil and rice wine vinegar. I wasn’t sure how the warmth of the rice and shrimp would do with the salad, but I ate it so quickly, it didn’t really turn into much of an issue.

Since getting my weight and eating habits back under control, I’ve been experimenting with adding different carbs back into my diet. Especially with the multiple dance classes, my body tends to burn almost everything I put into it, but to keep up, I sometimes feel like I have to force myself to eat (Oh it’s THAT time already? Ok, guess I need to snack on something – preferably healthy). It’s been amusing to remind myself that yes, if you *really* want a treat, you can actually have it. Been over a decade since I could really do that and not see adverse affects. It’s been really nice, not going to lie. I almost feel like I’m starting to relax a little. Whoa. šŸ™‚

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