Facts of being an Adult:

1: Laundry is endless.
It really doesn’t matter who’s laundry it is, whether or not you’ve had guests stay for a visit or what the laundry consists of, the fact is: there’s always more of it coming.
Sad and depressing, but true.

2: to-do lists either get out of control, are outdated the second that you make them, or are just generally useless.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve compiled a list, either in my head, on paper (physically or digitally) and then the second I’m done, I have to revise it or get so frustrated with the amount of stuff to-do, that I just throw it all away and go do…work.

Take today for example:
My two goals upon waking up (at 1PM I will note), were to call my Mom (who I forgot to call on Monday and who’s call I ignored yesterday because I was in a rare moment of actually gaming(!), and to work out my presentation for my MUN Class on Thursday.

This is how my day has actually gone so far (almost 2 hours later):

  • Get up, check mail, reply to text message from Tammy, cuddle with Meret.
  • Actually get up, do the ‘morning’ ablutions (remember to take my vitamins!) and get dressed (decided today was not a day to sit around in my pjs), then decide that I might as well put away E’s laundry, otherwise its just going to sit there and I’m going to need the basket for more laundry later.
  • Go downstairs, immediately swap laundry out of dryer (into empty basket)-into dryer-next load into washer (thereby realizing Fact 1 of today).
  • Decide to make “breakfast” at 2pm, consisting of toast, tea, an apple & PB and yogurt, and then sit outside and call my mom. (Cuz even though it’s raining today, I spent several hours cleaning the patio and furniture on Monday, causing me to forget to call my Mom when I said I would in the first place, so I’m going to enjoy the clean furniture at least damnit!!)
  • Call my mom while the tea is brewing, get her answering machine (!!), say screw it, grab everything and come outside and write this rambling blog (getting distracted along the way by updating plug-ins, twitter, email again and pinterest).

So where was I, oh yes. The to-do list. 2 hours later, and I’ve only crossed one item off, yet have actually accomplished a fair amount.

See? These lists are useless.


Time to go make a “Day in the Life of a Head Delegate – In L0LCAT” presentation.

  • alicia

    I love you because you are crazy. And honest. Honestly crazy.