Downloading and Reorganizing

So by now, I think we’ve all had our fill of the prettyness (yes, I can be girly if I want to damnit…) that is Warlock, Containment, Santuary and Turf. Including thoes of us who have managed to start finding the little tweaks to get ourselves off map. Bungie certainly has made damn sure that we are all putting our best attempts to that particular one…But I’m sorry, why put that much DETAIL into the matte bg paintings, like on Containment (if you get up onto the ice fields, turn and look at the ship or whatever the Hell it is, zoom in and look at the shading, absolutly INCREDIBLE!!) if you don’t mean for people to try and get at it…there’s a sorta hidden area on warlock too, over one of the second level walls, which I saw when I was on my way up to the third level today, I’ll see if I can make my way to it tomorrow. Beyond that, I’m getting kinda bored with glitches, esp since it takes alot more effort to be climbed, (cuz i don’t have the pactience to try and learn…just like the sniper rifle…) and that’s all that we’ve been doing for the last two days, so I was SO happy to get into clan practice tonight, eventhough I got my ass handed to me six ways from sunday by Oretta and Sagaciouz (love ya sweetie, but you’re scary with a damn b.r….) I at least managed to get a few kills. So I don’t totally suck, but there were a few girls in there tonight that were just amazing. It’s too bad you can’t actually just watch the battles, I’d Love to be able to see them in action, not just two miliseconds before I die as my face meets the end of a bullet or gun…

Which reminds me, the clan’s been reorganized, Elites are now PMS Alpha, the next down, with the girls who are online constantly, and are really dedicated, is PMS Bravo, which is where I got invited to join, and then there’s PMS Charlie for thoes who can’t be as dedicated for one reason or another. I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted about playing with a clan of girls, but oh my god, is it ever FREAKIN’ AWSOME!!!!!!
Even that doesn’t describe it…I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love playing with guys, and you know, I probably play even worse with them (the girls I mean) but there’s something that just makes me want to work my little ass off to help us win. I don’t know if that’s Just because they’re all girls, but that Does have a HUGE impact on it, of that I’m sure…The conversations can be friggin’ hilarious, ie “Ok, if you’re going to do the “SWOOSH/SPLATTER” combo again, do you think you could go “SWOOSH/SPLATTER” Before we go BOOM?!”
“OMG, You’re So why they say women can’t drive!!”
“Shut up, I can’t drive…OMG I Can’t Drive!!”
and the list goes on and on. If you betray someone…the appologies just don’t stop, it’s so Cute!

Ok, now that ya’ll have finished brushing your teeth to get rid of the sickly sweetness that’s been building up in the last few moments…I’m going to wrap this up. We’ve got the president of GameStop coming to the store tomorrow (SUPPOSEDLY! I’m not actually sure if this’ll happen or not..) so I’m going to have to Actually get some sleep…
Ok, I’ll explain why I’d come out with such a crazy statement before I go. See, I work at one of the EB stores. And as some of you may or may not know, EB has recently ‘merged’ with Gamestop, soooo, seeing as our store is among the top stores in our district, we’ve been warned el presidante might be dropping by tomorrow. Oh wonders of wonders, I love my life. Ah well, such is the life of a sales clerk at EB.

Night all!!