Common sayings you DON”T want to hear while playing Halo…

*A full warthog is speading across the map towards the other base…all of a sudden…*
Bomb Dropped
“Uh…how did I do that?”

*Later, that same game, same team is speading back across the map, again with the bomb..*
“So…where did that sni-”
“I don’t know, I’m Dri-”
“Hey, why am I outside the warthog? Do do do dee do…wait, where is every-”
(And when we’d all managed to Respawn…)
“Ry, if you know that the rest of your team is dead by sniper…it’s Probably not a good idea to GET BACK IN THE WARTHOG!!!!”

“Hee hee hee hee…oops? I forgot to tell you guys I had the rockets again, didn’t I…”