Comics, D&D Comics and D&D!

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I really got into comics. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Archie and all his stupid teenage antics when I was growing up, but I actually preferred the older comics to the present day stuff. The love-triangle gets old after 50 years…

I happened across the first six Grimm Fairy Tales trades in a box set about 2 years ago, and after hemming and hawing over the price, decided to buy it.

At first, I wasn’t entirely sold on the over-sexualized way the woman characters are drawn – too much of a righteous feminist in me at times. But the stories have utterly captivated me, and to be honest, I simply don’t notice the clothes that much. I’ve now got 3+ shelves of GFT related comics/trades and am happily adding to it.

This week’s haul included:

Grimm Fairy Tales presents: The Jungle Book #1
With a female Mowgli!





Grimm Fairy Tales presents: Alice in Wonderland #3

I’m behind in my reading on this one, haven’t actually read the series since they started it. Added to my list of “to-read” before ECCC next weekend as I think one of the writer’s is going to be in attendance.



Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter Tales: The Legend of Drizzt (Hardcover Trade)
I love D&D.
I love Neverwinter.
I love the Hardcover Trades, because they include instance conversions for the story so far.
I especially love this one, because a friend, Logan Bonner (@loganbonner) wrote the conversion. Whee!

Also picked up today:
– Charmed #19 (I’d asked to stop getting the issues and only get trades, but something must have screwed up and I had to pick this one up since I’m the only one in the store who buys them. Fixed for next time however!)
– House of Night #5 (Another series I haven’t actually read. I’ve read the first 3 or 4 books in the actual series, and picked them up to see the difference…judging from the cover of this comic, it may have already passed all the novels I’ve read…added to the list of “todo’s”)

There is a fantastic place in Everett called AFK Tavern.
I encourage whomever bothers to read my ramblings: if you have the ability, check this place out.

Tonight, Wizards of the Coast hosted a fun “come play our new game” event, celebrating the launch of their latest game, “Lords of Waterdeep,” which requires you to complete quests by gaining resources, with a healthy dose of intrigue possibilities to keep things interesting.

Now, I’m not often one for boardgames – I don’t have any interest in things like Catan or Carcassonne (nor do I know how to properly spell it), although I do love Monopoly. Pencil and paper and card games also rarely hold my interest, notable exceptions being D&D (4thE) and Cards Against Humanity, which I was introduced to on Friday night. But I digress.

This game, I can play and play well. I also appreciate the fact that they designed a box to hold all the pieces perfectly in place so that my OCD need to have everything tucked away properly is satisfied. This is absolutely important and I wish more designers kept it in-mind. 😛

All in all, a fantastic night filled with many laughs, even if we didn’t really try and screw each other over that often. The game is fantastic, and I can’t wait to try and play it again, this time with more interest in messing with people – I won by a ridiculous margin the way I played tonight, so I’ll have to watch my back the next time we play, since Joe, Eric and Kristi have seen my strategy now…I wonder how many mandatory quests I can throw at people next time…


I’m in the Xbox Xperts beta. I was asked earlier tonight by my boyfriend’s son what the strangest question I’d been asked was. I didn’t have an answer for him at the time, but boy, do I ever now.


The conversation started normally, someone was having a problem updating their console.
We went through a few steps, and then all of a sudden, the conversation just got strange…

He began to describe his setup, and I lost the ability to help him:


“im usein my phone to wifi my computer then pluggin in the ethernet cord to xbox
it work fine with my friends laptop but not mine ??????”



Enter Title Here.

My night consisted of “playtesting” a new paper-and-pencil game, which can honestly be summed up by the following phrase:
“Orbiting the planet (made up a frozen demon body), is the dead body of Shee’s (DM points at me) mentor, I mean, Wymentor, Mentar.”

My character’s name was Shee, and her title was Her. (Only after did I put it together in my head: “All bow before the mighty Her, Shee.” – Say it fast with no breaks, you’ll get it.) My brain is apparently far more fun on an unconscious level…

EDIT: I was also rolling STUPID high numbers. 1 natural 20, like, 4 19’s and never rolled below like, 14. Apparently my dice have missed me.

I came home to try to grab Office 2010 through my MSDN subscription (thank you MVP award 2011) only to find that my subscription may take 4-6 weeks to set up. If that’s the case, that’s going to BLOW, because I need it to be able to share stuff back and forth with J&K for their wedding. Gr. Going to follow-up with my MVP lead PJ and see if that’s literally how long it takes…

I had planned to watch a movie while it was installing, and decided I was too annoyed to do anything else after I made the above discovery, so I ended up watching my Netflix DVD that I’ve had since 07/25/2010. Now, I make fun of people all the time for not sending back their disks (*cough*Colin*cough*) but I don’t if they haven’t watched a disk yet. So I can’t make fun of myself here. Or I could but I just don’t want to. I really actually wanted to watch Bride & Prejudice, but I only have a burned copy that someone made for me years ago, and that seems to have disappeared since we moved all the movies downstairs. Time to get an actual copy…Amazon here I come. Happy early birthday to me.

Coco Before Chanel

Anywho. My Netflix DVD was “Coco Before Chanel”, and is basically a biopic. In french, which is mostly why I’ve not seen it before now. I frequently put on a movie in the background, but it’s rather hard to do that with a subtitled movie. I would highly recommend it though to anyone who is interested in fashion and its history – she was (and still is to my mind) without comparison in the industry.