Appearances can be deceiving…

I was feeling crafty today, and went digging through my box of cross stitch kits for something to work on. I have probably half a dozen I’ll never make, they were passed on to me by my mom and they are entirely too “kitsch” taste – need to do something about that.

Ultimately, I pulled out a kit that I’ve had for years.

Cute, no?
See the copyright? I can’t guarantee that it was bought right in 1994, but probably around then.

I went about opening the kit, and got a rather…large surprise. The actual SIZE of the canvas is massive.

Cat shown for size purposes.
Cat shown for reference purposes. Well, that’s going to take a while to stitch.

She sits oh so pretty…

I had thought to get a new frame to work on (the one I currently have is round), but this is so large I don’t think I’ll be able to FIND anything that would be able to hold the the material. So I think I’ll just end up using the one I have.

And then I found the next and my least favourite type of surprise when I work on these kits:

It’s bad enough if threads aren’t sorted on a card of some kind, but why, oh WHY would you mix all the colours in and NOT indicated what any of them are??? I’m pretty sure several colours are even split amongst the different groupings of threads. For no apparent reason. Och, that’s going to be a NIGHTMARE to sort out.

Oh well, I’ll sort that out when I get to it I guess. Need to wait for the fray protection stuff to dry anyway!