Ok, so I went to my camera last night and went to start dling photos, and realized that the reason I’m in so many of Gib’s and e’s is that *I* didn’t take any of them….

THAT being said, I do have the Spartan clan picture to put up, and as SOON as i get my camera working again, I’ll post it…I swear to god I never remember how to use that damn thing….

MOST of the pictures are now up on gibgirl’s flickr account…and e’s now sending me other stuff that he’s got, so that’ll be going on MY account with the few pictures I have….

But to tied everyone over….here are a few of MY favs…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Calista, Gibgirl, myself and bob all at XBL for our tour.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
So…when were you planning to quit h2 again hun?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Attending members of the Frag Dolls and PMS…
I’d just like to mention that the SECOND we handed our cameras to one guy, SIX other guys pulled theirs out for shots as well…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ok, so WHO let me drink 3 cans of Red bull and half a can of coke before the competition?!
(not that I really think ANYONE could have stopped me…)

And now, the list (part one):

“Feck Off!”


“It feels better when stroked then when patted…”

“I’d buy Backyard Monkey Educational Rockfight!!”

“Hey Major! Does it play co-op over Live?!”

“I don’t think monkey’s like to throw rocks…I think they like to throw other things…”

“Itsa lil teddy bear!”


“You got fucked by a Duuuck!”


“Hi, you don’t no me, and I’m not a stalker, but I saw you guys at RVBTO and I just wanted to say hi…”

“What the F!!!!!”
“What the F sir!”


Seatown’s Couch: 2.5 Kitty and bob:-1


“Breath kitty, breath…”

“God I wish I had a tape recorder sometimes…”

“Damnit, I’ve run up and down these stairs four times today, why didn’t we just take the damn elevator?!”

After lunch Day 1
“If I was an overweight lesbian, I’d do me.”
“I’d do you too tammy”
(Ace makes unidentifiable noise in backseat)
“Keep it in your pants Ace..”
“What?! NO! No no no no no…”
“So what, we not attractive enough for you?”
“NO no no no, we do that Outside…”
“I could have sworn you do that in the back seat…”

Inbetween the first and second round at h2 comp, Day 2
“Oh my god, look at my hand shake…”
“Look at mine…”
“Well, that’s what you get for drinking three cans of Red Bull and half a can of coke…”

At e’s house, evening of Day 2
“That’s IT! I’ve been called a girl, a moron and now an idiot! Seatown! How far is it back or your place? 5 miles?”
“Uh, no. A lot more than that…”
“Fuuuuuuck, I’m not THAT drunk yet…”

“Ok! Let’s play a drinking game!”
“I’ll teach you one, but I’m not drinking”
“Yes you are e.”

In freeplay, Day 3
“Sea, if you wind this game, I SWEAR I’m going to kill you…”
“Now, is that in real life, or in the game?”

Driving back to 3’s, Day 3
“Um…did anyone tell him about upstairs?”
Dead silence in the car.
“Shit…well it wasn’t me! I only went pee and if pee blocked up the toilet, then there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that toilet…”
Dead silence in the car, and then Ace and I cracked up.

At e’s, Night 3
“I will learn to say no to Kitty some day.”
“No you won’t.”
“Yeah, you’re right.”

More quotes and situations as they are remembered!