I am heartily ashamed of myself.


I just looked at the date of my last entry here…I haven’t posted since July…that’s just sad.


I talked to Ava yesterday, and I realized that the last time I’d even spoken to her was right after she moved into her new place…that’s pathetic.


I read Susan’s latest blog and I can’t even Name the last time I talked to her on msn…Granted, we did randomly run into each other this summer..


But isn’t that what happens when you’re no longer good friends? You don’t talk on a regular basis, so you have no idea when or where each other is half the time…so when you Are in the same area of the city and you DO see each other…for pity’s sake, I wasn’t even Sure when I first saw her if that Was her, and I know she felt the same…

And you were, and still are in my mind, my big sister.


But that doesn’t mean I’m not a little mad and disappointed. At myself, at friends who Were close in high school, at the world…

We so easily promise that we’ll stay in touch, that we’ll still get together, that we’ll make the time…but realistically, that doesn’t happen.


We go our seperate ways after periods in our lives, and to be honest, I’m not surprised or upset by that…It’s life. But I do wish we didn’t make the promises in the first place. Maybe it’s just me being pesimistic…but it’s the broken promises that hurt the most.



In other news.

The new apartment is great. It’s been newly renovated, newly painted…and unfortunatly, they’ve just started to repair the balcony’s on our side of the building….which means pounding away at concrete trying to break off the loose stuff at nine am. A little hard on ya if you’ve been up until 4 am…but not like *I*’d know anything about that…


Money’s tight, but then it always has been. I think I’m handeling it pretty well actually. But then again, we haven’t had to pay ALL the bills yet…so give it another month, maybe two and then I’ll see if I need to seriously start considering a second job – or looking for sponsorship so I can AFFORD to game.

Very short bus ride to work, which rocks. Unfortunatly, relations at the store don’t rock right now. My asm and I often rub against each other, it’s just our personalities…and they aren’t working out too well. He can be Incredibly lazy, and often leaves stuff for me to do without even saying anything…sometimes I say something, sometimes I do…more and more of when I do, I get bitched at. Seriously getting tired of it, so I’m just keeping my mouth shut more and more around him. Throwing myself into my work. I like that my store is quiet enough that we don’t Always have to have another person there…it means more work for me, but I don’t care because I’m by myself. Our other guys hasn’t even finished his 3 months yet…and my god, if *I* were the manager, he’d have been written up at Least once…he’s not totally incompetent, but damn can he be lazy…I take my laptop in with me sometimes, but I ALWAYS get my stuff done that I need to…he can’t say the same….however, I am not turning this post into a rant about work…I do that far too much. Suffice to say, I ask alot more of the boys at my store than I get back…and to be perfectly honest, for 7.76 and hour, it ain’t worth a damn. I’m certainly not about to stop caring, but I am Not about to bend over backwards for them either. *I* don’t get anything out of it except ‘good karma’, and you can’t pay the bills with that.

My roommate, Laura, has a cat named Karma…who is a bloody spaz…our flooring is all tile and wood…so we throw a toy and she Will go sliding head first into a wall or door…endlessly amusing…We’re both night people, so we definatly get along well…And this place almost looks like an apartment. I have to reorg the wires tomorrow though, due to the fact that since Laura’s currently sleeping in the living room on the couch (remember that one I had in my living room at the house?), and that’s where the xbox is…yah, it doesn’t work out well. So that’s gotta be changed tomorrow…also have to lock this connection tomorrow, I have and open wireless conccetion right now, and I can tell someone’s borrowing it, because I’m lagging every so often…


School…I’ll save that one for another blog. Sufifice to say, I AM going back to school next year…most likely for PR or marketing. Where…well, there’s a 85% chance I’m going to go out to BC. I have friends who are also moving out there next year, for school as well…and having people I know out there, as well as family on the island…it’s a very attractive idea.


But like I said, more about it later.



Chow for now…