Seven things in your room: (I did this off my room at my mother’s, not dad’s apartment since I’m just sleeping on the couch….)

1. My TV

2. My stereo

3. My gamecube (which is now coming with me…)

4. CD cases. The actual cd’s are in a binder at my dad’s

5. My drafting table

6. My computer (desktop)

7. All my books and pictures



Top seven things you say most:

1: Fuck

2: Shit

3: Crap

4: Awsome

5: oh my god

6: ‘what the hell’

7: cockbite/fucktard



Do You:

Smoke?: Not any more.

Do drugs?: Nope

Read the newspaper?: Nope. Too depressing. Except for the comics.

Pray?: No.

Have a Job: Yes. I work 6 -7 days a week

Attend Church: No. A little hard to find a ‘church’ for pagans…


Have you ever:

Gone skinny dipping?: Yes.

Had a medical emergency?: Yes.

Had surgery?: No.

Swam in the dark?: Yes.

Been to a Bonfire?: Yup! Nothing better then roasted marshmallows…

Got Drunk?: Dear god…how many cast things have I gone to by now?

Played strip poker?: I can’t play…I’m soooo not opening myself up to that again…

Gotten beaten up?: Nope, well, not if you don’t count wailing on someone with hockey gloves…

Beaten someone up?: See above

Been on stage?: Now THAT’s a dumb question…

Slept outdoors?: Yup. Camping trips while at school and a few times with my dad for star gazing…

Pulled an all nighter?: Ever pulled a three all day/nighter?

Been on radio/tv?: DUMB QUESTION!!!

Been in a mosh-pit?: Nope. Never been to a concert that’s had one…


Do you have:

Any gay/lesbian friends?: yes.

A wallet?: Black one, the coin part of it is ripping apart on the inside, which is stupid, cuz all my coins get trapped…

Coffee?: Can’t stand it. Worked at a timothy’s for two months. I can’t STAND the smell. I’ll drink it ONLY in extremes…

Perfume/Cologne: When I remember it…just like makeup…