Ok, so we’ll see how long this turns out to be. It’s after 3:30 am, and I definatly have to work tomorrow, so I should be getting to sleep…which I’m sure I will be in a very short time period. Anyway, since Ivan and Mary already are aware of these happenings, the other MIP (most important people) who haven’t read this, and probably won’t for a bit seeing as they’re bother OUT OF THE FRIGGIN’ CONTINENT for the next little while…well, they’ll just have to freak out when they get their butts home.


So, pretty much, I’m no longer living with my mother. No, not because I couldn’t take it anymore and I left. And no, not because she tossed me out. I have had to ‘move’ into my dad’s place, (for now) due to the fact that i’m now working at York Mills and Leslie (with additional hours)at Yonge and Eglinton. Why? Because I got transfered to the new eb store I helped open up…and I’ve gotten to move from a junior part-time to a senior full time position. Moving ahead with trying to become an asm (assistant manager for thoes comfused…).


Means that at the moment, I’m working about six days a week, and this and last week I’ve had numerous days of split shifts, where I open in one place, leave there, get on the ttc and go to another store and work there until close. Not an easy thing to do repeatedly. However, pay’ll be awsome, I’m hoping. I don’t get a raise until aug, so boo-urns to that, but when you’re working 34-44 hours a week, it almost doesn’t matter. almost.


Anyway, this does severly limit my social life, which these days is Strictly limited to xbox live…however, I’m not complaining too much, because I Do still have the internet obviously. And that’ll allow me to keep in touch with most of everyone…


Funny little notes. All three of us (my manager, my asm and me) all have names that start with C. Cat (Catalin), Chris (Christopher) and me. Also, Cat plays halo. While certainly not as much, nor as serious as me, he is still addicted, so score! We actually played a custome game (one where you can specify what options you want, instead of a pre-made game)and he didn’t do badly at all. So cool. Also, he’s Romanian and pagan, so I’m having a blast getting to know them…

Very different personalities though. Cat is very business oriented, which is good, since he’s the manager…and Chris is very people-friendly…which makes him an awsome asm.. I’m really happy to have been given the opertunity to work with them.