They are not many movies, no matter how badly they are shot, written or portrayed that will make me walk away/turn them off, and even fewer that make me feel truly sick to my stomach, and I’m not talking about the creepy crawly ones that include things that have more than six legs or fewer than two…


If you have not watched Hotel Rwanda, I urge you to do so as soon as is possible, but be warned, it is Not easy to stomach. Not for graphic depictions of violence, as are beginning to be more and more prevalent in today’s movies, but in terms of sheer deaths. There are few movies that truly make me hate the human race, and this, is most definably one of them. The story is comparable to Shindler’s List actually, but the difference is this took place only 15 years ago. All of us, should actually be able to remember Something about it, I ask all of you, what, if Anything, do YOU remember about hearing of it? I was five, and I doubt that I would have been told anything, but I don’t remembering learning Anything about this in High school… Why didn’t I? Was it simply a matter that it’s too recent to be considered history? Is it because I took the wrong subjects? What does it take to learn about the atrocities that one human inflicts about upon another?


I think one of the quotes that will make me feel the sickest about my ‘terrible life’ as it sometimes feels is as follows:


“I am glad you shot this footage, it is the only way that people might intervene.”

“And if no one intervenes, is it still a good thing to show?”

“How can no one intervene, when they witness such atrocities?”

“I think, if people see this footage, they will say ‘Oh my god, that’s terrible’, and go on eating their dinners…”



15 years people, that’s all that has passed since. And how different is this from kind of behaviour from what is happening right this very minute in the Gaza strip? in the middle east? in Africa? In south America? The atrocities that one human can inflict on another simply because they don’t look/act/speak/believe the same…


I believe there must be balance in life, you can not have the good without the bad, and there must be true evil to allow us to see and understand the good, but damnit, I sure as hell don’t see a lot of good in this world. I see distrust, bias, racism; greed…the list goes on. Why do we, supposedly ‘good people’, sit in our nice, comfortable homes, with our massive home entertainment systems, our central heating and air conditioning, our fast cars and even faster consumption rates, and allow these kinds of things to happen? Why do we allow the UN to pull their soldiers, to leave these people to die, because there is apparently, ‘no other choice”…? How can we do all this and still be able to able to look at our selves in the mirror each morning. The answer, as in the above quote, is that we can’t. We, consciously or not, don’t read between the lines in the paper, or simply don’t read it. We change the channel on the radio or the TV when we start to hear something that is ‘too hard’ to listen too. But it doesn’t make the situation go away. It doesn’t make it better, it doesn’t Resolve it.


I ask you, those of you who went to BSS and those who didn’t, what is each of us Doing to make a difference in the world? What Can we do? And how can we make ourselves Stick to it, to keep believing that we Are making a difference in the world. Allowing these things to continue to occur keeps this world and all of us out of balance, and nature does not exist out of balance. Eventually, it WILL all come crashing down, if we don’t work to stop that. And we Have to work to stop that. Because the alternative is just too horrendous to even think of.