[ + ]first grade teacher’s name: Miss King.
[ + ]last word you said: Can’t actually remember, probably some thing along the lines of “stupid cat” or the like.
[ + ]last song you sang: Allengria.
[ + ]last thing you laughed at: The Simpsons spooky names in the credits. Different for every episode.
[ + ]last time you cried: Oyvey. Ask a hard one why don’t you…no clue.


[ + ]what’s in your CD player: The best of Cirque Du Solie.
[ + ]what color socks are you wearing: Fushia
[ + ]what’s under your bed: MY bed? concret flooring of the storage room. My current bed? I don’t know. Ask my neighbour/roommate Andrea. It’s her room.
[ + ]what time did you wake up today: Noonish offically. Some time around 10:30ish to check on a very loud noise that one of the cat’s created.


[ + ]what is your career going to be: Something which keeps my interest for longer than a minute?
[ + ]where are you going to live: Hopefully in Toronto.
[ + ]how many kids do you want: 0
[ + ]what kind of car will you drive: Something that’s good on gas and preferably red and fast. It’s a tradition.


[ + ]current hair: Bottome layer, brown. Top layer, 60% brown, 10% reddybrown, 30% black. Almost done.
[ + ]current clothes: Jeans and turtleneck.
[ + ]current annoyance: Lack of hours at fav job, mother and a roommate who doesn’t seem to get the fact that she talks things to death, esp about what a great house she’s moving into. (read: mine is a shitpile and my mother’s an idiot for buying it.)
[ + ]current longing: More hours at EB, more gaming time and less interaction with my mother.
[ + ]current desktop picture: Same as my blog, but with out the text boxes.
[ + ]current favorite music artist: Does Cirque du Solie count? Otherwise Nightwish/Evanesence.
[ + ]current book: Angels and Demons
(again, adding one)
[ + ]current series: The Runelords, book three, Wizardborn.
[ + ]current worry: Not getting my portfolio done/not getting accepted to either Sheridan OR Humber.
[ + ]current hate: Parental units. nothing new.
[ + ]story behind your username: Flames since gr 10, GodessoftheFlames since the same time. Psyco Sex Kitten came from my boss at EB (in peices, I just put them together).
[ + ]current favorite article of clothing: A shirt that came from my dad’s company’s softball team when I was about…4 or 5. It was a dress then, it’s a t-shirt now.
[ + ]favorite physical feature on a guy: Argh. Hair and eyes tie, but face and body overall are definatly important. I’m shallow, but at least I can admit it.
[ + ]line from the last thing you wrote to someone: Does an IM count? Cuz then it would be “Ta, Chloe”. Email would be “Read and Replying. See you Mon, Chloe.” (talking to my boss).
[ + ]I am happiest when: I’m dancing, singing, acting…performaning in general I think. Whether I’m in front of an audience or not.
[ + ]I feel lonely when: I feel like I’m not being of use to anyone on any level.
[ + ]favorite authors: Oh man. Dude who wrote Angels and Demons(not in front of me, so I can’t look it up. Terry Goodkind is up there as well. Oh, and the author of The Runelords.
[ + ]sex or love: Neither. Boring.
[ + ]favorite coffee: Mocha anything and everything. Even better is Raspberry or Mint hot chocolate.
[ + ]favorite smell: Chocolate anything. Also, for some very odd reason, Cigarett smoke.
[ + ]what makes you mad: People who don’t act on things that they say, who say one thing and do another, or who say so many different things that they contradict themselves and then try and blame you.
[ + ]favorite way to waste time: Reading/gaming
[ + ]what is your best quality: I’d like to say my loyalty/understanding.
[ + ]are currently in love/lust: Nope.
[ + ]what’s the craziest thing you have ever done: Dyed my hair black. So far.
[ + ]any bad habits: Yup.
[ + ]do you find it hard to trust people: Yup. Still depends on the person.
[ + ]last thing you bought yourself: Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life soundtrack and Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life music inspired by the movie (ie, the actual tracks used IN the movie that weren’t on the first cd.) Oh, and a new nail and colouring for halloween. Had to match to the costume 😉
[ + ]bath or shower: Shower because my bath was just so disgusting and I was always waaaaaaaaaay too lazy to clean.
[ + ]favorite season: Summer, just not when we’ve got the damn haze issues.
[ + ]favorite color: Purple, black, silver, deep reds.
[ + ]favorite flavor: Chocolate, Strawberry and Raspberry
[ + ]favorite time of day: Night. Although, if we’re talking about time of waking up, mid/late afternoon is pretty good.
[ + ]gold or silver: White gold. (Is that cheating?)
[ + ]any secret crushes: Nope. Boring life eh?


[ + ]how many coats and jackets do you own: Do sweater thingy’s and down vests count? If they do, I have 7. If not, I have 4.
[ + ]do you wear a watch: Nope, use my cell or whatever clock is around at the time.
[ + ]favorite pants color: Jean/Black/Tan.
[ + ]most expensive item of clothing: A velvet cloak discovered downtown. Followed Very closely by the very beautiful corset I just had made.
[ + ]most treasured: My leather jacket from daddy on the 18th. I’d wear it every day of the week if I could.
I’m adding one in here…
[ + ]most desired: the red dress Nicole Kidman wore very briefly in Moulin Rouge. If I do nothing else (related to clothing this is) I will have that dress before I pass on to greener pastures.


[ + ]last book you read: The Runelords II: Wolflords.
[ + ]last movie you saw: The Witches of Wessex
[ + ]last movie you saw on the big screen: Shark’s Tale
[ + ]last show you watched on TV: In A Fix.
[ + ]last song you heard: As Long As There’s Christmas (from The Enchanted Christmas soundtrack, a beauty and the beast thing they made last year)
[ + ]last thing you had to drink: Cranberry juice.
[ + ]last thing you ate: Thai noodles and rice with tomato sauce.
[ + ]last time you showered: Er. Yesterday.
[ + ]last time you smiled: Too hard to get an exact time. I’m reading J’s answers to this and replacing them with my own, so it’s a little hard to measure…
[ + ]last person you hugged: Shari.
[ + ]last person you talked to online: Ivan.
[ + ]last person you talked to on the phone: Sara, just to pass my cell over to Shari.
[ + ]last thing you smelled: thai noodles cooking.


[ + ]smoke: Not as much. ALthough the week of the move I went through more than one pack. Hate my mother SO much…
[ + ]drink: Yup.
[ + ]have sex: Not recently.
[ + ]sleep with stuffed animals: Yup. Any one of about six bears and about two-three frogs. No, not all at once. Just one at a time.
[ + ]have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.
[ + ]have a dream that keeps coming back: Nope. Not that I’d remember them if I do…
[ + ]play an instrument: Technically yes to Piano and Flute, but I’d have to say that my voice is really my instrument. It’s the only one I’m decent at without alot of headaches as I hit wrong notes. Although that does happen too…just not as frequently.
[ + ]believe there is life on other planets: Not in this galaxy. I’d like to think that at some time, in some place Everything has managed to aline itself so that there was an intelligent life produced. But the only issue is that if they did, they probably did exactly what we’re going to do. Blow themselves up numerous times until the planet couldn’t support life anymore.
[ + ]read the newspaper: Yup, when it’s available to me. (re: when i don’t have to buy it myself)
[ + ]have any gay or lesbian friends: yup. Bi as well.
[ + ]believe in miracles: I wouldn’t call them miracles, but things that can’t be explained readily? Hell yes.
[ + ]consider yourself tolerant: Definatly depends. If you mean regarding my parents, no way in hell. At work, when trying to work through the language barrier, surprisingly enough, yes.
[ + ]consider police a friend or foe: Friend, when they aren’t swayed by biggitry or racism.
[ + ]like the taste of alcohol: Denpends. Malibu, coolers and most shooters, yes. And a fair amount of beers as well.
[ + ]have a favorite stooge: No.
[ + ]believe in astrology: I find it interesting the coincidences that I can see in myself and in others.
[ + ]believe in magic: Yes, of course.
[ + ]pray: Not exactly.
[ + ]go to church: Yeah.
[ + ]have any secrets: Not really.
[ + ]have any pets: Nope, unless I can consider my parent’s as such.
[ + ]go or plan to attend college: Here’s hoping for next fall.
[ + ]talk to strangers: Yeah, probably more than I should.
[ + ]have any piercings: Used to have my ears done, need to get them redone.
[ + ]have any tattoos: Not yet..
[ + ]hate yourself: Not most of the time.
[ + ]wish on stars: Not as much as I used to. Same goes for trying to dream. Or maybe that should be to go after the unattainable dream.
[ + ]like your handwriting: Nope.
[ + ]believe in witches: Considering I am one? Stupid question.
[ + ]believe in ghosts: Yes.
[ + ]believe in Santa: Not since I was about 8.
[ + ]believe in the Easter bunny: Not since I was about 8.
[ + ]believe in the tooth fairy: Not since I was about 8.
(Seeing a pattern here? This was about the time I started to recognise that the little notes I’d always gotten were all written by the same hand…my mom’s. Which is SOOOO much more apparent now. I found all the notes when I moved and had a very good time laughing at myself.)
[ + ]have a second family: Considering I often rate my friends before my actual blood relations, yes.
[ + ]trust others easily: Definatly depends on the individual.
[ + ]sing in the shower: Yup, normally some show tune (ie, Phantom or Cirque song. When I can figure out the words…)



Ok, so here we go, several weeks late, but more about that later.


No, I am not dead, I’m just severly restricted with the internet access right now. The move was INSANE, no, even that doesn’t cover it. It was everything and beyond terrible and insane mixed intogether. We were supposed to be out by 6 pm on Thurs. I left 10am on Fri morning, mom apparently didn’t leave until well after 7pm fri night. Pathetic. Since then, we’ve moved three storage units into 1.5 units at one place, and two units into one at another. This doesn’t count most of MY stuff which is in my dad’s storage, or at his office in the basement storage there.

From there, I’ve been spending every other weekend this month in Guelph (where I am right now) and have been working as much as I possible can, just to keep away from having to spend upteen hours at storage with my mother organising her shit. Which she is STILL doing and it’s driving me up the fucking WALL.

That said, I’m living just up the street from my house (on the same side of the block and everything!) with neighbours with whom I reconnected with over this summer. I’m there until the 14th of Nov, when THEY move, and I’ll have to figure out what the hell I’m doing from there…I’ll figure that out later :). As per usual.


Other than that, I’d been hanging out with the guys at work (literally) a fair amount, because they’re fun to be around, not to mention pulling a 19 hour week in the span of two days, (HUGE game release) over Mon and Tues.


Beyond that, it’s been a huge process of coming down off the stress from moving. Great news is that we DO have a house. Bad news is that we don’t move in until Nov 26th. And with that comes the again stress of having to live with my mother AND having to help her move her shit back in.


Which comes to the NEXT thing I need to dump about. Although, even with the amount I’ve talked about it, this is isn’t getting any less frustrating for me. It has to do with the house, specifically which bedroom my mom and I are getting. FIrst off, she told me she wanted the one at the back of the house, which is quiter, brighter and slightly smaller, due to the fact that an entire wall is taken up with a 1.5-2 feet deep wall of closet has been installed. Now, let’s look at what *I* have to fit into my bedroom.

My bed, which, when not fully in use, is the size of a twin, when it’s extended, it becomes a king sized bed and a night table.

A full desktop computer.

A regular desk, so I have somewhere to work and put my laptop.

A drafting table.



Tv and consols.


Next, we compare what my mother has to fit into hers.


Queen Sized bed, with night table.

Dressing table.

and if she stays true to how the old room was, a table filled with/surrounded by porciline dolls and a rocking chair.


Who do you think has the LARGER amount of stuff?!?!?


Yeah, I thought so too.




Next, let’s take a look at the amount of clothing we have.

When I was cleaning up my room, I had exactly HALF of my walk in closet full. When I was at Uni, I could fit EVERYTHING I OWNED IN TO A VERY SMALL CLOSET.


MY MOTHER, on the other hand, had a WALL of closets, my dad’s old walk in closet, the guest bedroom closet and TWO CLOSETS in the basement FILLED.


HER bedroom has a regular, small closet in it.




Do you know WHY she wants that particular room? A) because I said *I* wanted it. B) Because she Claimes all her stuff (re sheets) is pink. I HAVE NEWS FOR HER. SHE IS A LYING BITCH!


Her’s is 90% YELLOW with little pink roses.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that she changed her mind RIGHT after I told her which room I wanted.


I have informed her that should she still stick me in that room, the wall of closet is being pulled out and I’ll make myself a fucking clothing line if I have too. Not to mention, I really don’t have much that has to hang besides work pants and dresses. That takes up about a foot of space at the most. I CAN live just with a dresser. I don’t care if she doesn’t have any where to put extra sheets or whatever, it isn’t like we’ll have a guest bedroom until I get the basement redone. And who the FUCK knows when that’ll be, cuz it isn’t like SHE has the money to do so right now. When THAT happens, the door down to the basement will be locked from the inside and *I* will live there with NO interaction with her except to pay her money for my cellphone bill and rent money. God, I can not WAIT to get out.


And on That cheery note, I’m wrapping this up. Hope you’ve enjoyed the 100th post!


Kisses all!