Hey Ava…remember how I said today that my dad and I seemed to be more on the same page?


Strike that entire thought process.


Oh, and strike the one about the marks blow up.


Seems that he’s a little more put out than he was at first.


Guess he was saving it up.


Seems that he thinks I didn’t work up to my potential this year. Well you know what? Guess they shouldn’t have such high fucking expectations of me. Thinks I didn’t work hard enough on my ‘tough’ courses. Gee, I guess maybe taking THREE SECOND YEAR COURSES IN MY FIRST FUCKING YEAR WASN’T THE BEST THING FOR ME TO DO. I GUESS I LEARNED MY FUCKING LESSON.


I guess he forgot so easily that I continually fucked up in BSS and that they STILL kept me going there…


Tossed in my face that I got to go to a ‘second school to have another chance at getting high marks’. WHAT other school? You mean university?! The one where I didn’t have to write a real essay until a SECOND YEAR COURSE?! Oh yeah, great place for a second chance.


I’m tired of all this marks bullshit. I am a mid c to high b student and in the courses I DO WELL IN, i can reach even A, and you know what? I AM PROUD THAT I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I WANT TO DO.


Guess the fact that I really Don’t need him around anymore is finally starting to register to him. Oops…poor daddy’s feeling all unneeded. Guess he’s starting to know how I felt growing up.


I’m tired of him always knowing what’s right. I’m tired of his bullshit. I’m tired of his immaturity. I’m tired of him.


I’m just plain tired.