Silly, yes maybe, but it occured to me the other day that May 5th was the day I actually managed to get my blog running. For the most part. I have a new layout planned, but I don’t know where my photoshop softwear is at the moment, and I don’t have access to my desktop and there’s nowhere to plug the laptop into the internet at anyrate…infact, until my rooms are finished being painted and repaired, I have no idea what internet access is going to be like at home…thank god I’m staying at dad’s place until I can get back into my room….(we’ll not open that particular can of worms at the moment if you please…)


Second of all, if you’ve been on MSN at all in the last few weeks, you’d probably have noticed that my msn names are all revolving around cleaning up/that damn kitchen.


Here’s the scoop.


We’re selling the house. BUT. Because it’s not had ANY minor repairs done to it for the last six years, and NO major renos for FAR longer than that, there’s A SHITLOAD of stuff to do. Including tearing out the old kitchen and putting in a new one. My friends who have grown up in the neighbourhood can’t believe we’re actually getting it done, but they Can (just like me) believe that my parents would Only get their act together to do something about it (amid Many great fights I might add) as we’re getting ready to sell the crumbling old place…


See, as any of you who have Ever had any kind of carpentry work done, you need to have level surfaces to work with, or at least be able to create suche things. Well, in our house, all floors slope like a V, with the second lowest points at the outer walls, and the absolutly lowest points at the center of the house. And there is actually an amsuing reason for this, which if anyone is interested in, I’ll tell you about. But at this same time, the walls are at angles, filled with a mixture of plasters, calking, drywall, warped and unwarped timber, the largest portion dating back to the orginal construction of the house and it’s very interesting framing work.




Mother and I have at least one argument a day, and it’s rare now that dad’s there almost every day working as one of the crew (as am I) that they don’t have an argument as well. Headaches all around…it seems everytime we take one step forward, it’s another three back…for example:


Hanging completed cabinents.

You’d think that prefabricated things wouldn’t be hard to put together and get up on the damn walls. THink aagain. After making damn sure that you don’t send a nail through the VERY thin veneering, or that you strip a screw, or that you crack a cabinent door screwing on the FREAKING HINNGES!!!!!, you then have to make sure that they’re all at the same level and that they’re all flush to each other…which is far more effort then it’s work as far as I’m concerned. Not to mention, if you have anything that sticks out of the wall, (ie, an interfloor vacume systerm like we have), you spend an inordinate amount of time measuring, measuring and measuring once again before you committ to cutting ANYTHING because once you’ve cut something out of the side of a cabinent, if you screw up, you are SCREWED. These things are fucking EXPENSIVE. The layout of these things is such that we have a window between number 5/9 and 6/9, so that means you now have to put in the lower cabinets to get the right spacing for the upper cabinents on the other side of the wall…Let’s just say it’s a very Long and drawn out process and leave it as that, shall we?