Ok, so I’m finding (again) that I really enjoy mindlessly blowing things up.


Should I be worried?


Maybe that should be ‘should the world be worried…’

I mean, it isn’t just in games that i’ve found i’m a good shot….I know I can do decently at archery, even with out practicing very much, which would lead me to believe that if I Did have time/a place to practice that I could become quite good…I know I like swords, and that I can handle one fairly well, and I know that I can handle a rifle, with pretty good aim, again, without much practice….now if I could only borrow Greg’s apparent ability to sneak around, I’d be made…I’d just disappear off the face of the earth an become a spy or something….


Definatly think I’m going into the wrong line of work….;)




*goes off to blow more shit up*