Ten bands you’ve been listening to a lot lately:

1) Evanesence

2) Incubus

3) Linkin Park

4) Limp Bizkit

5) Pink Floyd

6) Tea Party

7) Coldplay

8) Bif Naked

9) Nickleback

10) Swollen Members


Six things you’re looking forward to:

(in chronological order)

1) The end of exams.

2) Having a job again.

3) Being accepted into Sheridan

4) Moving out. (Be that into res at Sheridan or otherwise, i.e., no longer living with my mother)

5) Learning things that actually Interest me…

6) Working on the BSS musical


Eight things you like to wear:

1) t-shirts/tank tops

2) jeans

3) sweats

4) my class ring

5) leather pants/jacket/boots/gloves. (nope, no fetish for me…;))

6) my black….lace….top/the red top w/ the black flowers

7) the bustier

8) Pajamas


Seven things that annoy you:

1) Inconsiderate people (ie. roommates)

2) Stupid people

3) Oblivious people

4) that the world works on a stupid time schedule – the day should not start until 2 pm at least Damnit!!

5) being hungry, but not having the energy to get up and make food

6) not getting enough sleep

7) my uncooperative computer


Six things you say almost everyday:

1) you’re a goofball

2) you’re insane

3) has anyone ever told you that you’re weird?

4) Mew?

5) argh

6) fuck/shit/damn


Five things you do everyday:

1) sleep – if I’m lucky

2) IM

3) Game

4) read

5) watch dvd’s


Four people you want to spend more time with:

1) Sara

2) Aubrey

3) Sean

4) Shari


Three movies you could watch over and over again:

1) Pride and Prejudice

2) Any of the Horatio Hornblower movies

3) Center Stage


Two of your favorite songs at the moment:

1) Privilege – Incubus

2) The entire Evanesence Origins cd


One person you could spend the rest of your life with:

1) I don’t think they exist….