Ok, just to let ya’ll know, no, I actually haven’t died. As thoes of you who went through High School with me know, when I hit production week of a play I’m involved in, I stop functoning on just about every level but that which my production exists on. Ie, I live breath and sleep the play (and in this case, Musical). So I play ghost from the beginning of Tech week until the striking of the set and lights after the last performance…

And then I normally crash, which I’m in the process of trying to work through. And by crash, I mean that I get sick with something (in this particular instance, it was/still is a cold) so all I’ve been doing is sleeping…and trying to get everything done that I need to do before I start exams in a week and a bit.


Christonapogostick…i’m almost through my year of university…Yip!! (trying to act like something Other than a cat…Damn you sara, I was Not a cat in a previous life….I think…)


At anyrate, As the msn states, I GOT MY CRIME AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE CREDIT!!! a 50, BUT STILL!!!




Anyway, I’m going back to downloading music before I loose ShareScan at the end of term…