K, so unless you’ve played the games, you won’t get the joke…but for thoes of us who have had the PLEASURE of being ‘eaten’ by a Like-like..




Being amused by 80’s style comics of ‘The Legend of Zelda’.

(See below quotes..)



“You swing that sword like a girl.”

“I AM a girl.”

“Yes..so I’ve noticed…”

“OOOoooooooo!!! Even when you’re a ghost you’re annoying.”

“Well, Excuuuuuuse ME Princess…I’m just trying to keep my *spirits* up…heh heh”





This next one is for you…Sound a little familier?


“Yoohoo, looking for me?”

Zelda aims with Link’s sword at a bunch of Stavos’ (skeletal warriors), and unprepaired for the kickback, she goes flying backwards and the magical shot goes wide.

“No, no! You’ve gotta aim!”

Zelda shoots again, and hits one, but is again thrown back. Ghost!Link comes racing over to her.

“You’re doing it wrong, two hands for a beginner.”

Zelda fights off another.

“Hey, I hit one didn’t I?”

“You were lucky…Look out!”



Oh, apparently the King’s name is Harkinian. You’d think they’d have that in the game somewhere…And another note, the writers’creator’s of these games REALLY need to create new characters. Impa, Zelda’s guard in ‘Ocarina of Time’ (the 4th? 5th game?) she’s is a warrior. In the second game, she’s an old hag…amusing…