“Beautiful Maidens are supposed to be rescued by hansome heros…not other Beautiful Maidens!”



Link is standing on a balcony, facing Zelda’s bedroom. He is reading to swing in and steal a kiss when Zelda’s father taps him on the back.

“Eh…What are you up to Link?”

“Uh….I was just going to…swing in to your daughter’s room and…try and get her to kiss me…heh..heh..”

“Not a chance.”


“No….You’ll need to take flowers, then you might suceed, yes, girls are crazy about flowers…”

“Flowers…Right, thanks!”

“Good luck, m’boy!”

And the King pats (re:shoves) Link and he goes careening in through the window and smashes onto a table right beside Zelda’s bed…


Just a funny interlude while I look for a good picture for my new layout…