A – Age: 19

B – Band listening to right now: Limp Bizkit….Chocolate Starfish

C- Career of the future: Uh…something behind the scenes in theatre, someting in front of the camera? And yes, at the same time…>.<

D – Dad’s name: Geoff(rey)

E – Easiest person to talk to: Guy: Greg/Ivan; Girl: Aubrey/Sara

F – Favorite song at the moment: it’s one of the song’s by Dido, off her new cd. Not White Flag. Will edit when I get home and can look it up…Dido

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: gummy bears

H – Hometown: Tarana! (T., T.O., whatever…)

I – Instruments: Vocal

J – Job title: Secretary’s Bitch, Starving Actress

K – Kids: Gods I hope not.

L – Last person you talked to on phone: Dad, surprisingly. For all of five minutes, not surprisingly…

M – Mom’s name: Lillian

D – Number of siblings: 0 ~ Unless I’m counting Susan and Edith here…so then two

O – Oldest sibling: See above. Then…21? Well, they will be this year…

Semantics…Never were my strong point…

P – Phobia[s]: spiders, snakes, dropping a light/set peice on someone’s head

Q – Favourite Quote: Change is good. Especially when it changes to the way *I* want it.

R – Reason to smile: Um…normally? Kitties and ferrets. Recently? Hard to say really…

S – Sibling(s) names: None

T – Time you wake up: Normally? Anytime between 12 – 2 pm. School, it depends…

U – Unknown fact about me: I hate really spicy food. (Ie curry and thai)

V – Vegetables you hate: brussle sprouts, and artichoke hearts (save me susan!!!)

W – Worst habit: I don’t think I’ll be admiting that thank you…

X – X-rays you’ve had: Right wrist, both ankles (the right on more times), stomach, chest, and dental. LOTS of dental.

Y – Yummy food: CHOCOLATE, strawberries, CHOCOLATE, raspberries and blackberries, CHOCOLATE and that dip I always end up making…

Z – Zodiac sign: Aquarius