CIS*1200, what a freakin’ joke for someone who practically LIVED in an I.T. office for almost three years…The lab T.A. is currently explaining the finer points of Word. Please, please, PLEASE shoot me now. If I don’t get a good mark in this class….>.<


On to the finer points of this past week. I’ve been sick, (big surprise eh?) but this is the first time I’ve been REALLY sick since like, the second week of school. I mean of last term. Or should that be First term? Guess it Really doesn’t matter…


OH look! They’re talking about HEADERS AND FOOTERS NOW…I think I might just scream. Except I can’t, because I still don’t have a really great voice….Blah!


Oh!! OH!! And NOW they’re telling us how to save “Favourites” in IE. CHRIST ON A STICK, and I was worried that I’d have actually MISSED important informating in the lectures this week…shyt…

K, before I blow a gasket, I’m gonna just go visit…oh wait, quiz time. FUN.