ok, another short one, and no new blog layout. Why? Because i’ve been up since 10 last night, getting ready, driving up here, and then unpacking. I’m exhaused. But I can’t go to bed yet. Why? Besides the fact that it’s only 4:41 (which, granted, is about the time I’ve been taking ‘naps’ at for the last several days) I need a shower. Badly. But Guess WHAT?! THERE’S NO FUCKING HOT WATER. And I REALLY REALLY am not in the mood for a cold shower. Grrrr. Oh and the sound on my laptop’s screwy. So so far that’s the wireless and the sound. Greeeeat.


Ok, I feel a little better. Still need that shower though. Damnit…


Oh a one more good thing. Resnet. Thank god for sharescan…>.<