~Name 4 bad habits you have…

1. Staying up way too late on the internet

2. Downloading far too much from Sharescan (residence server)

3. Sleeping. Wait…that’s according to my mother…does that count?

4. Fighting with my mother


~4 People on my bad side right now.

1. My father

2. ‘The Bitch’

3. My mother

4. Greg, cuz he LIED. GR YOU!!!


~4 scents i love

1. Lavender

2. Rose

3. ‘Exotic’ or ‘The Spirit of Moonflower’ (Bodyshop essential oils)

4. Satsuma (again, essential oil from Bodyshop)


~4 things I’ll never wear…

1. Wool. Anything. HATE the itchy feeling…

2. Polyester. Anything. See above.

3. Anything from Cotten Ginny

4. Anything from Calvin Kline/American Eagle


~4 animals i like

1. Ferrets!!!

2. Cats!!

3. Dogs!

4. Mice. As long as they’re actual pets, and not the freeloaders.


~4 tv shows i LOVE

1. CSI

2. Third Watch

3. NYPD Blue

4. Law & Order

(5. Xfiles – THE FIRST SEVEN SEASONS ONLY {omitting about three of thoes eps…})


~4 bands/singers people don’t know i like

1. Linkin Park

2. Incubus

3. Three Doors Down

4. System of a Down/P.O.D./Swollen Members


~4 drinks i drink regularly

1. Coke

2. OJ

3. Apple juice

4. Hot Chocolate


~4 Random facts about me

1. This is the first time since I was 3 years old I haven’t been represented

2. I actually find myself missing Bss {straaaange..}

3. My new tarot deck has dragons on it

4. I want a cat


~4 random facts about my family

1. it’s disfunctional

2. my father’s a cheating, lying bastard

3. my mother’s a screwed up, represed anal witch (3/4th of the time at least…)

4. and quoting Alisha…”I went to university in guelph to get away from them”


~Have you ever…

1. Fallen for your best friend? Since I’ve never had a really close guy friend until now, nope.

2. Made out with JUST a friend? Nope

3. Been rejected? Yeah

4. Been in love? Nope

5. Been in lust? Many, MANY a time

6. Used someone? Um…does mutal using count?

7. Been used? Again, see above.

8. Cheated on someone? That would require being IN a relationship to cheat on…

9. Been cheated on? Does a parent count exactly?

10. Been kissed? *Ignores question.*

11. Done something you regret? Why regret what you cannot undo. Get over it and get on with life.


~Who was the last person..

12. you talked to? Mom

13. you hugged? Um…quite possibly Hui.

14. you instant messaged? Er…now That’s hard…I think it was Ivan.

15. you kissed? Aren

16. you yelled at? Mom

17. you laughed with? Julia or Katie, can’t remember >.<

18. you had a crush on? Like that isn’t obvious…

19. who broke your heart? Won’t say.



20. colour your hair? Uh huh. But since it’s Black/Red/starting to be the real colour again (whatever the hell THAT is…) I’m just gonna let it alll grow out. So this aught to be interesting…

21. have tattoos? When I get the money/get up the nerve…

22. piercing? Ears, well I used to…let them grow in, but SHould get them redone, since I have all this jewelery…

23. have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Social Life: Blank. Love Life: Even Blanker.

24. floss daily? When I remember…

25. own a webcam? Nope

26. have aol? We did, until i started spending 50+ hours on the internet a month. I was 12.

27. what would you be doing right now besides this survey? What would or what Should? Cuz I Should be sleeping. I would be reading fanfic, if i could find any new stuff…

28. what are you listening to? Radio 98.1 (toronto) non-stop christmas carols. Strange for a person who isn’t very “christmasy” don’t you think?

29. can you do anything freakish with your body? not unless you could the ability to stand on my toes (briefly at least) without point shoes…

30. chicken or fish? Chiken. As long as it’s cooked.

31. do you have a favorite animal? Ferrets, followed closely by Cats.

32. is ice cream the best thing in the world? No, chcolate. But Chocolate Ice Cream comes pretty close…

33. What would your dream date be? Something ending with cuddling infront of a fire sounds pretty good…

34. Single flower or a dozen? What’s the occasion and what kind?

35. Silver, gold or platinum? White gold.

36. Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? At home

37. Roses or wild flowers? How about Wild roses?

38. Silly or serious romance? ANY romance that isn’t angsty…at least all of the time..

39. Spooning or separate sides of the bed? Shpooning like little kitties please :}

40. Marvin Gaye or Barry White? Huh?

41. Do you consider yourself a romantic? If i’m not drowing in bitterness or pesimisem…

42. Who else would you like to see fill out this survey? everyone!!


~Are you . .

Shy? Uh, no.

Quiet? I can be.

Boring? Only when I’m asleep. Oh wait, no, cuz I sometimes yell at my profs about marks then…(according to my roommate…)


~In the last 24 hours have you . . .

Laughed? Yup

helped someone? Um…oh, yup!

Dissected something? Nope, thank god…talked about it though…

Cut your hair? nooo!! Nuh uh.

Kissed someone? Nuh uh.

Told someone you love them? Nuh uh.

Hugged someone? Nuh uh. Not that I remember at least.

Fallen in love? NUH UH.

Met someone new? Nuh uh.

Talked to someone you have a crush on? Nuh uh.


Q. What CD is in your CD player right now? Diskman, nothing. Don’t know what mom has in my stereo.

Q. Who is your favorite Spice Girl? Posh Spice

Q.Favorite Disney Character? Toughie…probably Mulan or Mushu.

Q. Favorite fast food? Oh lord…um, KFC, mcdonad’s Fries. That chiken cesar thing I get at the Stone Road Mall in Guelph…wait, does that count?

Q. Favorite book? Fantasy. The more complex, the better…which reminds me, need to finish reading The Wheel of Time…

Q. Favorite Sports teams? Leafs, if I ever sit down to watch. And the Jays. I can’t help it!!

Q. Favorite song? Impossible to say. But i’m liking Echo by Incubus, just about all of Linkin park…see? impossible…that doesn’t even scratch it…

Q. What room is your computer in? laptop or desktop? Laptop is in my bedroom at home and in res, desktop (while it’s currently in both my bedroom at home And the playroom – it’s unplugged) it is supposed to be in the playroom…

Q. What is your shoe size? 8 – 81/2 – 9

Q. What is your job? What job?? There’s a job?? WHERE??? I NEED A JOB!!!!!

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up? Happily living in a theatre. Preferably WORKING in said theatre. Don’t care much beyond that…



K, sleeping now…