Ok, so most of you have heard this..well, ok, three of you have, but meh, here we go again. So there’s this guy on my floor who I like. Fun. He likes to wake me up. NOT fun. He decided to do this to me this morning. Definatly not fun. He came into my room and not two feet from my head nearly Screamed “TIME TO GET UP CHLOE!!!”. I was NOT impressed.


So it’s been snowing all day today.


PERFECT packing snow.

Can we all see where this is going??



He got a snowball down the back of his shirt tonight. My roomie, (although she wasn’t aware of it) went in and let me know (cuz i have such excellent hearing that I can hear three doors away, impressive, no?) that they were in there…went and grabbed some snow and shoved it down the back of his shirt…




Mind you, he nearly creamed me with it, (got my door closed in time…) and it’s now war…but Hot Damn that was fun!!!





So, i’ll keep you posted as things happen….


War has been declared…